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Where to Get Lockbox Keys in Dead Island 2

Where to Get Lockbox Keys in Dead Island 2
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Where to Get Lockbox Keys in Dead Island 2

Become the master of unlocking.

The inconsiderate citizens of Hell-A either abandoned their homes or turned without unlocking all their stuff. This puts the burden of unlocking the game’s various safes and doors squarely on the shoulders of your slayer. While every lock always has a way in, finding it is not always easy. Here’s everything we know regarding where to get Lockbox Keys in Dead Island 2.

Where to Find Safe Keys in Dead Island 2

The first safe you will encounter in Dead Island 2 will be Curtis’ Valuables Safe in one of the houses you must go through to get to the Halperin Hotel. You’ll find this key the same way you will every other Lockbox Key: randomly.

Every Lockbox Key is dropped by a randomly spawning and uniquely named zombie that can be found somewhere in the same area. The zombie will either take the form of a Walker or Shambler, but occasionally keys are carried by special infected.

As for contents, Lockboxes will contain either a weapon, a mod blueprint, or a perk blueprint.

How to Get Curtis’ Safe Key

For Curtis’ house, you will have to fight two separate zombies for the keys to Curtis’ Garage and Curtis’ Safe. However, you can’t get the latter in the early hours of the game.

Instead, you’ll be unable to get this until you have encountered the first Screamer zombie in the game. After that, you have a chance for a uniquely named Screamer to spawn at Curtis’ house that will drop the key.

How to Get the Goat Pen Master Key

This set of keys isn’t dropped in the same way as normal Lockbox Keys. Instead, you will have to progress the game until you are able to start the Creature Comforts side quest from Curtis at Emma’s House. You will need to have completed the Death of the Party side quest first.

The side quest will make the keys spawn in the locked pink room on the second floor. You’ll have to jump down into it from the roof.

This is everything you need to know regarding where to get Lockbox Keys as well as where to find the Curtis’ Safe and Goat Pen Master Keys. For more Dead Island 2 guides, check out our links below.

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