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Where to Find & Catch Varoom in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Varoom is a creative new Pokemon that looks like a small engine with unique Steel and Poison typing. It even has the signature move Spin Out, which lowers an opposing Pokemon’s speed. Since you may be anxious to take this Pokemon out for a test drive, here’s everything you need to know on finding and catching Varoom in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Varoom Location

Varoom is primarily located near the mines outside Levincia (see the below map), and shouldn’t be too hard to find just by wandering around. It evolves into Revavroom at level 40, and the excellent setup move Shift Gear should make it fun to raise until then. This Pokemon isn’t quite as cool as Team Star makes it seem; they show off five different types for it and exclusive Starmobile moves like Blazing Torque, but it has a lot of potential.

Varoom's habitat in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

You’ll want to give Varoom and Revavroom an Air Balloon as a held item if you decide to use it on your team, or an Earthquake will spoil your day. Moves like Iron Head and Gunk Shot will annihilate opposing Pokemon with a few stages of increased attack, and a Water Pokemon on your team can take out pesky Fire-types.

That’s everything we have on where to find and catch Varoom in Paldea. Check out some of our other Scarlet and Violet content like the Sprigatito evolution line, Dratini’s location, and how to seek out Ice Stones.

Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

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