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When Does the Kafka Banner Come Out in Honkai Star Rail? Answered

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The calm and collected Kafka is a member of the Stellaron Hunters in Honkai Star Rail and has a five-star rarity, making her one of the most coveted characters in the game. Of course, that also means that your chances of bagging the Lightning elemental character aren’t going to be all that high. That is, until Honkai Star Rail’s Kafka banner arrives to give your gacha odds a much-needed boost.

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Who Is Kafka?

As noted above, Kafka is a Lightning elemental, five-star character in Honkai Star Rail who walks the path of the Nihility. This path essentially means that Kafka excels at debuffing enemies and reducing their overall powers for the DPS characters in your team too.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Banner Release Date

At the time of writing, HoYoverse has not announced the Kafka banner release date. She’s also not part of the Beginner Warp or the Standard Warp banners that the game’s 1.0 version has released with.

It’s likely that, like Archon characters in Genshin Impact, HoyoVerse is going to want to hold off on releasing her for a little while in order to build some hype around the game.

We also know that, as part of the 1.0 release of the game that launched April 26, 2023, that the banners are Seele for the first half and Jing Yuan for the second half.

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While this might come as disappointing news to some, it does mean you’ve got some time to save up your Rail Passes and Stellar Jade before Kafka’s release.

As soon as HoYoverse has announced the Kafka banner release date in Honkai Star Rail, we’ll update this post and let you know.

Why Does Everyone Want Kafka?

Not only is Kafka a cool-looking character to begin with, but its the combination of being a Nihility path-walking character and being a Lightning character that makes her so desirable.

While Kafka isn’t the best 5-star Lightning character in Honkai Star Rail, the fact she can deal decent damage with this element makes her a really interesting pick that can help vary up your party composition. This is important as it allows you to counter more enemy weaknesses easily as you progress through the game.

That’s everything you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail Kafka banner release date. For more on the game, be sure to check out the links below.

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