What Was Wrong With the Cow in The Rings of Power

What Was Wrong With the Cow in The Rings of Power

Here's what we know about the sick cow in The Rings of Power.

Amazon Prime’s new spin-off takes us back to Middle Earth, but this time thousands of prior to the events of the iconic books. As we pick up the action in the very first episode, there are signs around the continent that the terrifying presence of the Dark Lords might not be entirely over. Here’s what was wrong with the cow in The Rings of Power if this scene had you confused.

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What Was Wrong With the Cow in The Rings of Power

The Rings of Power’s first episode follows a number of different characters across Middle Earth, including Avondir, the Elven soldier stationed in the Southern lands. There he keeps a watchful eye over the goings on in the area, staying vigilant for orcs and any remnants of Morgoth’s evil rule many years earlier. It’s a quiet watch, for the most part — so much so that locals are beginning to tire of his constant questioning and investigations, which they consider unnecessary.

And yet, evil is brewing, and it isn’t long into the episode before something unusual occurs. While speaking with his close friend, the healer Bronwyn, a local farmer arrives with a strange request — he wants Bronwyn to take a look at his cow, which has become ill after straying far away from its field. After close inspection, the cow appears to be leaking a strange thick, black fluid from its udders.

The sight suddenly puts Avondir on high alert; he immediately asks how far away the cow has likely strayed, and when he gets his answer he sets off to investigate. So, what gives? Why is Avondir on high alert after having seen a sick cow?

Well, we aren’t actually given a clear answer, but it’s safe to say the cow has been infected with some sort of disease that Avondir recognizes as being affiliated with orcs and the evil of Sauron. As it turns out, his suspicions are spot on as when they arrive at the village of Hordern where the cow had strayed close to, it is completely destroyed.

It’s worth noting that Bronwyn was actually born in the village of Hordern, and she explains to Avondir that the people of that area were loyal to Morgoth, which understandably sends alarm bells ringing for the Elven soldier.

Hopefully, that gives you a good overview of what was wrong with the cow in The Rings of Power. For more useful guides on the show, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related coverage below.

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