What Is the Ward 13 Ford Chest Combination in Remnant 2? Code Revealed
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What Is the Ward 13 Ford Chest Combination in Remnant 2? Code Revealed

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Remnant 2 is stuffed with hidden secrets and special items. There’s a way to get a good SMG secondary weapon early in the game, giving you a good boost. In order to get your hands on it, you’ll have to open Ford’s chest in Ward 13. As it turns out, you get the tools to open it without even noticing.

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You’ll first see this chest when you meet Ford in his room when you first arrive in Ward 13. When Ford gives you the flashlight later in the Remnant 2 tutorial, you might not expect it to mean anything. However, if you look at the bottom using the inspect function in your inventory, you’ll notice four numbers scratched into it.

How to Open Ford’s Chest in Ward 13

As of yet, we have yet to hear any reports that the code is different/randomized. Therefore, the chest can be opened with the code 0415. Opening the chest will get you the Cargo Control Key.

Secret Flashlight Code
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This isn’t the only combination lock you’ll likely come across, so if you find yourself in Morrow Parish before long, we also have that code.

How to Get the MP60-R Handgun

With the Cargo Control key in hand, you’ll want to head to the gap in the fence a little bit past Dwell. This area is a linear path that will end in a locked door that can be opened with the key.

Path to Cargo Containers

The MP60-R will be on the table inside for you to pick up. You can see its base stats below (the full auto aspect definitely rivals the damage of the Sorrow handgun).

MP60-R Stats
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With Ford’s chest open and the MP60-R retrieved, you are ready to start your foray into your starting world. That’s not the only help we have to give, either. We have plenty more Remnant 2 guides that you can find among the links below.

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