What Is a Pepper Tree in Star Wars Andor? Explained

Everything you need to know about pepper trees in Star Wars.

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Season one of Andor has given Star Wars fans plenty of easter eggs to digest, from Republic Gunships to Kyber crystals. Some of these nuggets are not quite as apparent as others, specifically the mention of pepper trees. What is a pepper tree in Star Wars? Here’s what you need to know about pepper trees and where they have appeared.

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Star Wars Andor Pepper Tree Explained

During a heart-to-heart scene in Episode 5 of Star Wars: Andor, the rebel Skeen, tells Cassian his motivation for joining the “cause.” The Empire destroyed a farm owned by his brother, and shortly after, he took his own life. When Cassian asked, “What kind of farm?” Skeen replied with pepper trees.

Pepper trees, also known as Bothan pepper trees, produce seeds used by Bothans in many of their most loved recipes. Like actual pepper, it has a kick and can make some people sneeze.

Image Source: Living Force Campaign Guide. Wizards of the Coast. Artist Andy Collins

The pepper tree originates in the Star Wars universe from a Wizards of the Coast RPG entitled Living Force, released in 2001. In chapter two of the game, The Air Up Thaere, a human chef named Papi aboard the floating city of Conkesta complained about the spice stating, “Blasted Bothan pepper seeds. Make my brain go gooey and come oozing out my nose!

Considering the trees come from the Bothan homeworld, it also calls back to Mon Mothma’s iconic line in Return of the Jedi, “Many Bothans died to bring us this information.” Mon Mothma also plays a pivotal role in the Andor series.

A definite deep cut, for that is all we have on pepper trees in Star Wars. Be sure to look at some of our other Andor content, such as when Andor takes place, what is the Preox-Morlana Corporate Zone, and what is the Rakatan Empire.

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