What Does Tickle Do in Dead Cells? Answered

Tickle, tickle.

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Dead Cells is a roguelike action-platformer where players will die over and over again through multiple runs. The game does offer some abilities that carry over between runs, allowing players to access later levels. One of these abilities includes ticking green blobs, which will makes sense in due time. Here is what tickle does in Dead Cells.

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What Does Tickle Do in Dead Cells?
Image Source: Motion Twin via Twinfinite

Players who are just beginning Dead Cells may come across piles of green blobs on the ground throughout the levels. You cannot do much with these piles except “tickle” them, which makes them wiggle and then do nothing.

These blobs are actually vines that sprout out from the ground and can be climbed on to reach higher or previously inaccessible areas. But you will only be able to tickle these vines after you receive the Vine Rune.

How to Unlock the Vine Rune in Dead Cells

The Vine Rune gives you the ability to make those green blobs grow into towering vines. It is a reward for defeating the Elite Undead Archer in the Promenade of the Condemned stage. The enemy will spawn after interacting with a rune with a large stone in the center. It is obviously worth noting that Dead Cells is a roguelike with randomized stage layouts, so it may take a few runs before encountering it.

That is what tickle does in Dead Cells. Be sure to stay with Twinfinite for more Dead Cells coverage and follow the links below for other news and helpful guides on the game, as well as our official review of the latest DLC Return to Castlevania.

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