What is canon in She-Hulk's finale?

What Is Canon in She-Hulk’s Finale? K.E.V.I.N. & 4th Wall-Breaking Explained

Here's a breakdown of what is canon in the She-Hulk finale.

She-Hulk’s fourth-wall-breaking season finale has various twists and turns that will make you question what’s real or not. So, if you still have some lingering questions after watching the mind-bending episode, we’ll explain what is canon in the She-Hulk finale. In addition, we’ll discuss the overall ending of the show and provide details about K.E.V.I.N.

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What Is Canon in She-Hulk’s Finale? Answered

The beginning of the She-Hulk finale played out like every other Marvel hero story you’ve seen before, in which the characters stumble upon the enemy’s secret base (in this case, it’s a misogynistic meeting against Jennifer Walters.) Then, by the middle of the episode, the show cuts to the Disney+ home page, making you question if you accidentally touched the remote.

However, this part of the series is one of the many ploys that will have you guessing at every turn since the rest of this episode is primarily based on the She-Hulk’s theme of breaking the fourth wall. During this time, the character goes to Marvel Studios and meets K.E.V.I.N., an A.I. who is a parody of Kevin Feige, the company’s president. But, since this A.I. controls the entire plotline of the MCU, Jennifer disagrees with how her show is going and consults K.E.V.I.N. by telling it to change the ending.

Here are all the alterations that She-Hulk has made and what is canon in the Marvel Universe:

  • Todd Phelps does not get superpowers from She-Hulk’s blood.
  • Bruce Banner does not show up at the Intelligencia meeting, but he does return in the end.
  • Abomination takes responsibility for his actions and goes to jail (then travels to Kamar-Taj.)
  • Titania and Daredevil are present in the aftermath of the meeting.
  • She-Hulk’s season finale has a legal battle instead of an intense fight between Todd and Jennifer.
  • An A.I. named K.E.V.I.N. controls the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Jennifer Walters gets her job back as a lawyer.

Even if the episode was leading up to an epic showdown between Todd and Jennifer, the fight never happens. The reason for this change can be answered by Walter’s explanation about how the MCU always has high-stakes plotlines, where some fans have claimed that these stories typically end the same way: the hero saves the day. Nonetheless, She-Hulk’s narrative doesn’t fit this type of journey, especially when she regards her show as a “legal comedy.”

The finale of She-Hulk is Marvel’s way of telling the audience that these movies and TV shows don’t have to fit all under the same category. Instead, each storyline is unique in its own way, and the franchise will continue to evolve in the future. That being said, the MCU will still include its “high-stakes plotlines” and twists, as we saw at the conclusion of the episode.

For example, when Hulk returns to earth, he reveals that he has a son, which causes Jennifer to question this random occurrence of the story. However, this plot point was briefly mentioned by K.E.V.I.N. when the A.I. told her that the series had to explain Bruce’s whereabouts. Therefore, the MCU will carry on with the typical storylines we know and love, yet there will be times when the franchise goes in a different direction, including the She-Hulk series.

That does it for our guide about what is canon in She-Hulk’s finale and explanation about the fourth-wall-breaking ending. If you want more content about the show, you can check out the relevant links below and view the latest news about Foggy and Karen’s return.

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