what Atreus' tattoos mean in God of War Ragnarok

What are Atreus’ Tattoos in God of War Ragnarok? Meaning Explained

What Atreus' tattoos mean in God of War Ragnarok.

The sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed action game is upon us and takes place only shortly after the events of the first game. Once again, the story follows Kratos and his son Atreus, who is now 14 and still sporting the same runic tattoos that many will be familiar with already. But what do they actually mean? Here we’re explaining what Atreus’ tattoos are in God of War Ragnarok and interpreting their meaning.

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All of Atreus’ Tattoos Explained

Atreus’ tattoos are written in Elder Futhark, or Old Futhark, which is a Scandinavian runic text you’ll likely have seen before if you’re either interested in Norse history or familiar with the God of War franchise. The text originated around the 2nd Century and was widely used by Scandinavians until the 11th Century.

There are several tattoos on different parts of Atreus’ body, and most of them are references to his skill and prowess in combat. It should be noted that the exact meaning of these tattoos varies depending on which language you use as a translation (there are obviously several different Scandinavian languages), but Icelandic and Norwegian seem to be the most applicable and appropriate.

Let’s break down each tattoo and parse out the meaning we think makes most sense:

  • Neck tattoo: This translates to “steady mind” or “calm mind” when translated from Icelandic. Of course, Atreus is an archer, and having a steady mind would certainly help with that; also, he hears the voices of animals and other beings, which perhaps he might need a calm mind to understand.
  • Right arm tattoo: The tattoo circling his right arm translates to “fortune to strike” or “lucky shot”, which is presumably in reference to his skills as an archer. Further down this tattoo is another one that translates to “skilled arm.”
  • Back of hand tattoo: Finally, the one on the back of his hand translates to “quick hand,” which similar is something that would clearly be vitally important for an archer.

To summarize, Atreus’ tattoos can be generally defined as ritualistic inscriptions summoning strength, luck, and speed in combat.

That should give you everything you need to know about what Atreus’ tattoos mean in God of War Ragnarok. For more useful information on the game, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related content listed below.

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