Vampyr: Who Jonathan’s Voice Actor Is

Who Jonathan’s Voice Actor Is in Vampyr

Vampyr is the latest game from Dontnod, the developer of Life is Strange, and it transports players to 1918 London during the height of the Spanish Flu Pandemic. You play as Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor who one night is turned into a vampire, forcing him to grapple between his medical duty and supernatural bloodlust. This creates a conflicted character who has to try and adapt to the supernatural world he’s been introduced to.

After starting up Vampyr, you’ll no doubt be wondering who’s voicing Jonathan, and you might even recognize the voice from other games. Jonathan is played by Anthony Howell, confirmed by the game’s Twitter account. Howell has played roles in some big TV shows like Medici and Foyle’s War, but he’s also played quite a few different roles in video games as well. You might recognize him as Gaspard de Chalons in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Johan Ross in Soma, or Victor in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. He’s also played some minor roles in games like Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect Andromeda. Considering Howell’s experience acting in period pieces, he’s a natural fit for Jonathan.

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