Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 Battle Pass: All Weapons Skins & Is It Worth Buying?

Check out everything included in the Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 battle pass.

valorant episode 5 act 1 battle pass all weapon skins

Valorant Episode 5 is about to launch its first Act, and naturally, there’s a new battle pass for players to purchase and play their way through. But are they any good? We here at Twinfinite think so. In fact, it’s arguably one of the best ever, with three awesome skin bundles to grind for. Of course, it’s all subjective, though, and it’s up to you to decide, so here we’ll be revealing the weapon skins and everything else that’s new.

Before we dive in, Valorant producer Laura Baltzer highlighted some of the creative thinking behind the Battle Pass’ design in a press release sent to Twinfinite:

“With the skinlines in this pass, we wanted to create thematics that were powerful and dynamic. Shimmer is a sparkling skinline with enough variants to fit perfectly into any collection. Spitfire is our artistic take on those players who just press W and want their weapons to reflect that as well. Finally, Task Force 809 is a tactical, sleek skinline with an assassin knife that will hopefully make those calculated backstabs intensely satisfying.”

Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 Battle Pass Weapon Skins

There are three weapon skin lines included in the new BP: Shimmer, Spitfire, and Task Force 809.

  • Shimmer – Classic, Stinger, Judge, Bulldog
  • Spitfire – Ghost, Guardian, Ares, Operator
  • Task Force 809 – Knife, Frenzy, Marshall, Spectre, Vandal

Here’s a look at examples of each skin line:

Glitter Skin Bundle

Spitfire Skin Bundle

Task Force 809

Battle Pass Skin Gameplay

Below you can check out the skins in action on Valorant’s new map, Pearl.

Battle Pass Sprays, Cards, & Gun Buddies

As usual, in addition to cool weapon skins there are also a bunch of new sprays, player cards, and gun buddies included in the battle pass.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Operation: Vacation Player Card
  • That’s a Blowout Spray
  • Perfect Pattern Gun Buddy
  • Enter the Duelists Player Card
  • Never Forget Leg Day Spray
  • Cat Tactics Gun Buddy

Here’s a look at some of them:

How Much Valorant Battle Pass Costs

The Valorant battle pass is always the same price, coming in at 1,000VP. VP is the in-game currency, which can be bought in different bundles. 1,000VP is roughly equivalent to $10. To put the cost in perspective, a single Premium Edition weapon skin, such as the Reaver, costs 1,750VP or around $17.50.

Is Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 Battle Pass Worth it?

As with every battle pass, the question of whether it’s worth the 1,000 VP money is subjective and comes down to individual taste. For me, as I mentioned earlier, I think this is one of the best battle passes the game has seen since launch, with all three skin tiers worth checking out. The Task Force 809 is especially cool, and the Spitfire bundle is also decent.

Obviously, for those who aren’t certain they’ll be playing a lot of Valorant over the next two months then it’s probably not worth your money. After all, it takes quite a few hours of gameplay to unlock all the tiers, and if you’re after the melee weapon (which is usually one of the final tiers), you’ll need to put in a fair bit of gameplay to get it.

Still, you can always accelerate the process by making sure you’re ticking off daily and weekly challenges whenever they pop up.

That should give you everything you need to know about the new weapon skins and accessories in Valorant Episode 5, Act 1’s Battle Pass. For more on this latest season of content, check out the new ‘Prelude to Chaos’ premium weapon skin, and of course, Valorant’s new map Pearl.

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