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Type Soul Schrift Requirements

Schrift is one of the main combat abilities for the Quincy faction in Roblox, and this guide will show you how to get it.

Type Soul is a popular Roblox fighting game. Players can select various factions to join and they each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Those who join the Quincy faction have the chance to unlock the Schrift combat ability, but it won’t be easy. This guide will explain what you need to do to unlock the Schrift ability in Type Soul.

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How to Unlock the Schrift Combat Ability

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Image Source: Roblox.

First off, you need to reach Grade 2 as a Quincy. This can be easily done by completing a few missions. Next, seek the Balance NPC and speak with him. You’ll find him at the top of Wandenreich Castle. You will be asked if you wish to return to your origins, to which you should answer “Yes”. Following this, head to the Worshipper Statue near where you became a Quincy and interact with it.

Your task is to defeat the assigned enemy types without dying. If you die, you will have to restart the challenge from scratch. The enemies to be defeated are as follows:

  • 2 Adjuchas
  • 5 Arrancars
  • 5 Shinigamis
  • 5 Menoses
  • 15 Fishbones

Obtaining Your Schrift

After you’ve defeated all the enemy types, head back to the Worshipper Statue and interact with it. You’ll be transported back to Wandenreich Castle where you’ll be assigned a random Schrift. The possible Schrifts you can obtain are:

Heat (Common)

  • Scorched Shot (T Ability) – Summon and shoot fire projectiles from your hand.
  • Flame Blade (G Ability) – Lunge forward with a blade that deals Area of Effect damage.

Wind (Common)

  • Split (T Ability) – Slash enemy with wind while lifting them into the air.
  • Tear (G Ability) – Pull enemy toward or away from you.

Miracle (Legendary)

  • God’s Direction (T Ability) – Summon an object that pushes away an enemy.
  • Low Ruler (G Ability) – Produce a spear that splits into three while also blinding enemies.

Fear (Legendary)

  • Fear Extension (T Ability) – Dash towards enemy and quickly punch them.
  • Impale (G Ability) – Slam into the ground and summon three thorn projectiles that cause enemies to ragdoll.

For more Type Soul information, visit the official Trello page. With this handy guide, you’ll also learn how to get all the accessories in Type Soul.

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