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Top 10 Most Powerful Cards From Dragon Ball Super Zenkai Series 1

These are the top 10 most powerful cards from Zenkai series 1 Dawn of the Z-Legends of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game has been revolutionized by the new Zenkai Series that adds new Z-Leaders and Z-Battle cards into the mix.

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If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start playing Dragon Ball super Card Game. With the first set of the Zenkai block out in the wild, here are the 10 most powerful and impactful cards from the Dawn of the Z-Legends Set.

10. SS4 Gogeta, Power’s Connection

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This SS4 Gogeta, Power’s Connection Unison is powerful because it lets you manipulate your deck and play free cards. It only costs 2 energy, so it comes out on your second turn, and its Activate: Main ability is a +2 that lets you play a 1-cost Battle Card for free. When he enters play, you get to look at the top 3 cards of your deck, and you can take any red card to your hand. SS4 Gogeta will get you to the cards you want faster, and if you play an aggressive strategy with cheap 1-energy Battle cards, this helps accelerate the cards you play. The ability to search your deck and replace this card gives red decks the card advantage is seriously lacks.

9. Gamma 1, Power Unleashed

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This Gamma 1 regular Battle Card helps blue Android Leaders by providing the lowest 1-Energy cost character that can become a 20000 Power attacker with Critical. True to the Android theme, you can play him from your Energy at a later time, or you can play him straight up and draw 1 card. This added flexibility makes this offensive threat an efficient play anytime. Nearly every Android deck will have this as an auto-include into their deck. As one of the newest Red Ribbon Army villain from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie, this Gamma boys are sure to make repeat appearances with strong skills.

8. Dark Broly, Heartless Berserker

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This Dark Broly is definitely a heavy hitter for any deck, but if your leader is black, it’s twice as strong. With OverRealm 6, this card can be played by removing six cards from your drop, which lets you use your Energy for other cards. OverRealm always helps make for a huge turn, but this Broly keeps the momentum going. After the turn you OverRealm Broly and he go goes to your warp, having a black leader lets you play him again from your warp for only two energy. Having this skill means you’ll have a 30000 power character ready for battle without considerably taxing your resources.

7. SS4 Son Goku, Defender of Life

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SS4 Son Goku, Defender of Life is the few Battle cards that can do 1 damage directly to your opponent’s life without any restrictions. He also has Deflect, so your opponent has limited choices to try and Counter:Play him. It’s basically guaranteed that this Battle Card will enter play and that alone cane help you finish off your opponent when they least expect it. That makes this playable in any red deck. If your Leader is Pan, then SS4 Son Goku’s attack is upgraded by +5000 power and he gains Dual Attack. Players that make decks built around Pan will surely use this card and other red decks will splash him to beef up their aggro strategy and have a strong, efficient finisher.

6. SS Son Goku, Another World Blitz

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SS Son Goku, Another World Blitz is expensive for 6 Energy, but it’s a game-ender. This SS Son Goku has the full suite of defensive abilities that make him virtually uncounterable and untouchable. It replaces itself, and if your deck has plenty of Extra Cards, you’ll be able to take full advantage of his ability to remove opposing Battle Cards from play. If your deck is built mainly with Extra Cards, this Son Goku can be played for less Energy. Finally, after being a Triple Strike Attacker at 30000 power, you can block with him during your opponent’s turn. This card has everything for all situations and can easily be added to every blue deck.

5. Cell, Awakening of the Created

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This Cell, Awakening of the Created blue Battle Card gives you the defense you need by entering play and taking away all of your opponent’s Battles Cards that cost 5 or less. But it doesn’t stop there because Cell is one of the most notoriously powerful villains in the Dragon Ball Universe anime.

True to the dangerous power of Cell, this Z-Battle Card has Deflect and Critical. After you take at least 4 of your opponent’s Battle Cards on the same turn you play this, you can attack a second time with Cell, but this time with Triple Strike. That’s a whopping 4 critical damage that this Cell can inflict on a single turn. The tremendous shift this card can create makes it a bomb in any blue deck.

4. Frieza, Resurrected Ambition

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As Goku’s archenemy, Frieza always deserves a powerful iteration in any set. This version does not fall short. He has Deflect plus Double Strike, and when he comes into play, you can KO an opponent’s Battle Card that costs 5 or less. True to the theme of green, this card provides a good balance between offense attack and defensive removal with hand destruction. You can attack with another green Battle Card to make your opponent to discard one card. This Frieza is a total wrecking ball in any green deck due to its powerful utility.

3. Rush Attack SSB Vegeta

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A new Z-Card, this Rush Attack SSB Vegeta Battle Card costs only 2-energy plus 2 Z-Energy cost and is packed with abilities that help push aggressive decks over the top. With Deflect, it has a much easier time entering play. After doing so, you can attack with SSB Vegeta which allows you to play a free Combo from your Drop.

That’s not all, you get to hit one of your opponent’s cards with -1500 power. After that, if you have at least 4 Z-Energy, you can attack again with +10000, Double Strike, and Barrier. That’s an incredible number of abilities for just one attack, and it can easily swing the tide or win you the game.

2. SSB Son Goku, Evolved Defender

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This SSB Son Goku is by far the best yellow card from this set. Deflect and Barrier skills help this Son Goku get into play and stay there. 25,000 power is formidable and his skills give you more control over the battlefield. When this card enters play, you can make one of your opponent’s Leader, Battle, or Unison cards change to Rest mode.

As long as you keep your Z-Energy filled up, you can keep putting your opponent’s cards in Rest Mode for total lockdown. This benefits any yellow deck strategy that relies on controlling your opponent’s battlefield in your favor.

1. SS4 Gogeta, the Ultimate Fusion

Image Source: Bandai

SS4 Gogeta, the Ultimate Fusion is literally THE most powerful card in the game. He’s the first and, so far, the only card with 100,000 power. He has Deflect, which guarantees he’ll come into play, and since this is a Z-Awaken leader, this card can be played as soon as you’re at 4 life or less and you have 3 Z-Energy. Since it only lasts for one turn, you need to plan accordingly so that it doesn’t get Counterattack Negated, but once you do, his attack will be almost unbeatable.

All 10 of these cards are an excellent choice to add to your collection. They have fantastic art and are super attractive in their foil versions. And depending on how many colors and leaders you play, these cards deserve slots in your deck designs. The Zenkai series brings plenty of change to DBSCG and takes the game to the next level.

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