Top 6 Best Skins in Overwatch 2

These are the best skins in Overwatch 2 right now.

Overwatch 2 has finally launched on PC and consoles, and while the servers are most definitely on fire, it’s never a bad time to take a look at some of the nifty skins Blizzard has released. Here are our picks for the best skins in Overwatch 2 so far.

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Kiriko – Sukajan

kiriko sukajan skin
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Kiriko’s base design is alright, but nothing to really write home about. Her Twitch Drops-exclusive skin, however, is absolutely adorable. It’s basically a palette swap of her Athleisure skin, but without the cheesy looking floral patterns.

The sky blue and white combo of her outfit looks great, and really helps to embody the modern side of her.

Sojourn – Commando

sojourn commando skin
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Sojourn’s base skin is also fairly forgettable and ordinary, but the Commando skin really helps to add some flavor to her character. This skin leans into Sojourn’s military background, and definitely gives her major Rambo vibes as well.

That being said, we’d still like to see more skins for Sojourn in Overwatch 2 that aren’t solider or military-related.

D.Va – EDM edm skin
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va’s skins are usually a treat, and her new EDM skin in Overwatch 2 doesn’t disappoint. This skin just embodies her RGB gamer nature, and you just know that she probably spent way too much time making sure the lighting on her mech was just right. Her cable management in that thing is probably immaculate too.

While I’m not a huge fan of D.Va’s outfit, this is probably going to be my go-to skin for now just for the new sound effects.

Junker Queen – Beast Hunter

junker queen beast hunter skin
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Junker Queen is the newest tank hero to get added to Overwatch 2, and yes, her design is themed around the Australian junkyard. This Beast Hunter skin, however, opts for a different design direction for her.

I get major Ka-Zar vibes from this skin, and I love the whole jungle queen thing she’s got going here. Ha. Jungle Queen. Get it?

Mercy – Miko

miko skin in overwatch 2
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy’s another hero who’s gotten tons of good-looking skins in the history of Overwatch, and Mercy fans can add yet another nice one to their collection. The Miko skin is elegant, and I’m a fan of the red and white ensemble she’s got here.

Really, the only downside to this skin is that Mercy already has so many other great ones to choose from. Mercy mains are absolutely spoiled for choice.

Genji – Cyber Demon

cyber demon genji
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

There’s little doubt that the Cyber Demon skin is hands down one of the coolest-looking skins in Overwatch 2 right now. As the first Mythic skin in the game, the customization options on this thing are pretty insane, and the demon/skull imagery definitely suits Genji as well.

If this is the kind of quality we can expect from Overwatch 2’s Mythic skins going forward, we’re definitely excited to see what Blizzard releases next.

And those are our picks for the best skins in Overwatch 2 right now. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including our take on the FTUE, and how the Battle Pass works.

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