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Top 10 Easter Eggs in Mandalorian Season 3 So Far

Time for some Mandalore surprises!

Mandalorian season 3 has brought about plenty of new details about Star Wars lore, specifically with Mandalore, but also across all canon. Although the timeline might be getting shifted, there’s plenty to like about what’s going on in the Mandalorian series, and plenty for Star Wars fans to get excited about. Read on and discover the top 10 easter eggs in Mandalorian season 3 so far.

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Boonta Eve

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Upon landing on Tatooine, Din Djarin doesn’t yet realize that a special event is taking place in the form of Boonta Eve, a holiday celebrating Boonta Hestilic Shad’ruu the Hutt’s supposed ascension. Grogu becomes enthralled with the fireworks on display, and this event harkens back all the way to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, when a childhood Anakin Skywalker competed in his infamous race.


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R5-D4 aka Red actually appeared on Star Wars: A New Hope and has since almost been forgotten. This astromech droid was first bought by Luke and his uncle Owen from the Jawas and somehow found its way all the back into the hands of the Jawas, Peli Motto, and now Din Djarin. In usual droid fashion, it had previously sacrificed itself to pave the way for R2-D2 making this a good guy in our books.

Warlord and TIE Fleet Of Interceptors And Bombers

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An unnamed Imperial warlord is the best guess Din Djarin has when trying to figure out who’s responsible for attacking Bo-Katan’s castle. The bombing of the castle also brings back nightmares of how the great purge devastated her homeworld. We can only speculate how it might be an escaped Moff Gideon at this point, or perhaps it’s someone completely new or unexpected. Regardless of who it is, they have some heavy-duty power and influence on their side.

Dr. Penn Pershing’s Cloning Experiments

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Dr. Penn Pershing had a surprise side story in episode 3 that saw him meet with an unfortunate end for the time being. At the beginning of the episode, he mentioned how he planned to use his cloning experiments for good, and there’s a moment where he pauses and grabs at this ear. Sadly, “good” is not how things go when the Clone Wars start.

The Rodian

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While on Tatooine, we see an alien from the Rodian race haggling with Peli Motto. These aliens have not been making many appearances lately, but maybe that’s all about to change. These bug-eyed, reptilian-like humanoids have been a part of Star Wars canon since the first movie was released. And who can forget Greedo’s unfortunate run-in with Han Solo?


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Episode 3 of the 3rd season has diverted into a side story about the clone scientist Dr. Pershing who finds himself being reformed on the planet Coruscant. Coruscant is a famous city-planet, or an ecumenopolis, that has had its claim to fame thanks to the last George Lucas Trilogy; the Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith.

According to canonical history, it was the capital of the galaxy during the age of the Empire, the home of the main Jedi temple, and it might be the first human-occupied planet. It also had a special mention in Return of the Jedi with the post-1997 version, and briefly appeared during a Rogue One flashback.

Imperial Star Destroyer

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During Dr. Penn Pershing’s little adventure, before he gets arrested, he ends up in a scrapyard that looks like it’s filled with nothing but useless junk and broken parts. However, if you watch closely, you’ll see that there’s actually an Imperial Star Destroyer from the Empire hidden in all the mess. This nifty little reference might be a sign of things to come.

Leaping Lurmen

mandalorian-leapin glurmen
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As soon as Grogu returned to Tatooine and leaped into Peli Motto’s arms, she responded by exclaiming, “Now who taught you how to leap like a Lurmen, huh?” Lurmen are peaceful creatures who resemble monkeys which is why they’re known for their ability to leap like no other. If you’ve been watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars in CGI animated form, you might recognize these guys from there.

It’s A Trap!

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As Dr. Penn Pershing is being readied to have a mind flayer used on him as punishment for his defectiveness, he yells, “It was a trap!” This might be a funny homage to the infamous line of the Mon Calamari alien admiral Ackbar yelling, “It’s a trap!” in Return of the Jedi. What makes this even more tragically hilarious is how the one main scientist in charge of Dr. Penn Pershing’s mind flayer punishment is also an alien from the Mon Calamari race.

Grogu Speaks & His Fate

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Repeatedly being referred to as a foundling, Grogu has left the conclave of Luke Skywalker to be with his father, Din Djarin. After Din Djarin and Bo-Katan leave the Mines of Mandalore, she jokes about inviting him back to her castle for some food, but that wouldn’t be possible because he won’t remove his helmet around her. Din responds with the Mandalorian creed, “This is the way” and after Bo-Katan surprisingly responds with the same words, Grogu tries to speak.

At this moment, it would seem safe to assume that he might have been attempting to utter the creed as he feels he’s becoming more like them. Either this is a sign of his path to becoming a bonafide Mandalorian, or he was simply hungry and trying to insist on going back to the castle for food. You be the judge.

These are the top 10 easter eggs in Mandalorian season 3 so far and there’s sure to be more to come. Make sure to stay with Twinfinite on this Mandalorian journey and the epic world of Star Wars.

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