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The First Descendant Weapon Transmission Guide

How does it work?

If you’re serious about getting powerful weapons while playing The First Descendant, there’s a mechanic that is important to learn quite quickly. That is why we’ve compiled our The First Descendant Weapon Transmission guide, so you know all you need and don’t miss out on important upgrades. Read on to find out how it works!

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How Does Weapon Transmission Work in The First Descendant?

Weapon Transmission in The First Descendant is a system that allows you to transform a low-tier weapon into a high-level one, by transferring the latter’s stats to the former.

The new weapon gets all the major improvements of the powerful one you are choosing to get rid of. Indeed, this process will destroy the old weapon, so make sure that you are certain about transferring all stats to the new weapon.

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How to Use Weapon Transmission

In order to use Weapon Transmission, you just have to use the Workbench that is located in the Central Hub in Albion (or in several of the Outposts).

Select “Weapon Level Transmission” and choose the two weapons you want to transfer. Make sure that you have enough Phase Exchangers to complete the process, as these will be used for most types of weapons.

How To Craft Phase Exchangers

Phase Exchangers can be found while completing quests, but you can also choose to craft them yourself. To craft Phase Exchangers, you can head to Albion, in the Western part of the city, and find the NPC called Anais. Each Phase Exchanger requires 2,500 gold to initiate crafting and a certain number of both Superalloy and Liquid Metal.

Both Superalloy and Liquid Metal are materials that can be found by dismantling weapons. That way, you can get rid of the ones you do not need while planning to use Level Transmission for the powerful weapons you plan to keep in your inventory. Phase Exchangers work for standard and rare weapons. Ultimate ones will require the more expensive resources to craft Precision Phase Exchangers.

Weapon Transmission helps reduce the time spent trying to grind for better weapons, as you can simply upgrade whichever new weapon with the stats of your old one. Or, for example, you can transfer the stats of an Ultimate Submachine gun to your standard one.

That’s all we have for you on Weapon Transmission in The First Descendant. For more information on the game, check out how to defeat the Dead Bride and how to farm gold.

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