How to Tame Boars, Chickens & Wolves in Fortnite

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fortnite tame animals

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 introduced wild animals to the map. These can be killed for crafting materials, or tamed so they can lend you a helping hand in being the last player standing. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to tame boars, chickens and wolves in Fortnite.

As part of the week 2 challenges, releasing on March 25, players will need to tame a boar. But these aren’t the only animals you can tame in Fortnite.

How to Tame Animals in Fortnite

There are three animals that can be found roaming the map in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. These are Boars, Wolves and Chickens. We’ve explained how to tame each animal in below.

Taming Boars

To tame a boar, you need to throw a fruit or vegetable near it without it seeing you.

We suggest hiding somewhere far away, crouching and then throwing the fruit or vegetable right next to it.

When the boar begins eating, creep up to it (still crouched) and hold X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation, E on PC, or Y on Switch to tame the boar in Fortnite.

Taming Wolves

To tame wolves in Fortnite, throw some meat towards one and wait until it begins eating. When it does, creep up behind it and press and hold X/ Square/ E/ Y to tame it.

fortnite tame animals

It’s worth noting that you’ll rarely find just one wolf roaming around on its own. Wolves tend to hunt in packs in Fortnite, just as they do in real life, so you’ll want to eliminate all but one to make taming a wolf even easier.

Taming Chickens

To tame a chicken, simply pick it up. When you’ve picked it up you can then jump off any edges and glide down to safety.

Unlike boars and wolves, chickens don’t need food in order to be tamed.

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