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Tales of Berseria: How to Rank Up Shops and What It Does


Tales of Berseria: How to Rank Up Shops and What It Does

Ranking Up Shops – Tales of Berseria

You’ll be spending quite a bit of time at shops in Tales of Berseria, as they’re where you’ll be picking up recovery items, new equipment, and more. Shops are noted by red bag icons on the map, whenever you’re in a town or dungeon that has one.

You’ll also notice that shops have a level. You can raise this level by giving them your business, buying any items and equipment, and enhancing your current setup. The more Gald you spend at a shop the more you’ll increase its rank. Luckily, all shops in the world of Berseria share the same rank, so you don’t have to worry about specific shops.

There are 15 ranks in total for shops to have, and each new rank grants you a percentage discount on everything you buy there, as well as giving you an item. This starts at a 2 percent discount for Rank 2, and goes all the way up to a 28 percent discount by Rank 15. It really is in your best interest to rank shops up, so don’t worry about blowing all your Gald, as in the long run you’ll be getting a better discount. Plus any equipment you buy from a shop that you don’t need, can be broken down into different crafting materials to enhance your gear.

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