Super Mario Sunshine: How to Get Hawaiian Shirt

Super Mario Sunshine, How to et Hawaiian Shirt

The Super Mario 3D All Stars collection is here, and with it a trio of great games from the Mario series. This includes Super Mario Sunshine, which sees the titular hero and his friends travel to a tropical locale for some adventures in the sun and sand. If you’re like most though, you’re probably eager to deck Mario out in the proper attire, and want to figure out how to get the Hawaiian Shirt in Super Mario Sunshine as soon as possible.

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Luckily for you, we’ve done the leg work and have the answers you’re looking for.

How to Get the Hawaiian Shirt in Super Mario Sunshine

To get the Hawaiian Shirt in Super Mario Sunshine, you’ll first have to defeat Bowser and effectively beat the game.

This is because the Hawaiian Shirt acts as a sort of completion bonus, allowing you to show off the fact that you collected just enough Shine Sprites to reach the final confrontation and came out of the showdown victorious.

It isn’t given to you straight away though. Once you defeat Bowser, you’ll need to head back to Delfino Plaza and make your way over to the Sunglasses Vendor. He can be found under an umbrella on the small expanse of beach to the Eastern side of the area.

Talk to him, and he’ll then reward you with the Hawaiian Shirt for your accomplishment. It will then be equipped to Mario along with a pair of sunglasses, and can be removed at any time by talking to the Vendor again.

What the Hawaiian Shirt Does

As for what the Hawaiian Shirt does in Super Mario Sunshine, the answer is simple: Nothing.

Yes, that’s right. There are no special power-ups or unlimited invincibility buffs tied to the garment. Instead, it’s purely an aesthetic bonus to lend a new color palette to Mario’s adventuring garb. Still though, it does lend itself well to most every environment in the game and serves to sell the tropical getaway theme of the title much better than Mario’s usual look.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get the Hawaiian Shirt in Super Mario Sunshine. For more on it and the other titles included in the Super Mario 3D All Stars collection, check out our review of the package to see what we though of the renewed classics.

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