Summer Game Fest 2024 Live Blog – All Announcements and Reveals

Getting Festive

Summer Game Fest is one of the world’s premier gaming events. As such, we can expect plenty of announcements and trailers for games coming to a variety of platforms. Here’s our Summer Game Fest 2024 live blog.

Recommended Videos

Lego Horizon Adventures

Yes, you read that right. Aloy and her friends are coming to Lego, bringing Horizon’s machine-dismantling action to a new medium. If that wasn’t enough there’s base building elements, dance parties, and co-op gameplay. Lego Horizon Adventures drops this holiday period to PlayStation, PC, and Switch.

No More Room in Hell 2

The new game by Torn Banner Studios, and daaaamn does it look good. This eight player game has every player starting alone on a massive map and trying to find their team and escape a zombie apocalypse. Expect plenty of gore, but be careful – there’s permadeath. No More Room in Hell drops in early access this Halloween for Steam and Epic Game Store.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

The newest Harry Potter game is a sports game dropping on September 3. The game lets you rise through the ranks of the quidditch champion, and it looks like we might get to go all the way to the World Cup. Quidditch Champions drops later this year for consoles and PC.


A prison game has no right being this cute. A team of what look to be gummy koala bears are working together on a prison break in what looks to be a particularly zany world. Dropping in 2025 (maybe), expect plenty of explosions and over the top action.

Star Wars Outlaws

The first open world Star Wars game is dropping this August, putting you in the shoes of a smuggler exploring the universe with their crew, whether they’re fighting weird and wonderful aliens or the Empire itself. More gameplay from Star Wars Outlaws will be shown at Ubisoft Forward.


Wow, this is charming. Are you sure this is a single person Geoff Keighley?

Gris is a 2D sidescroller where you’re exploring a world alongside a white wolf with antlers, jumping from platform to platform and fighting enemies with your sword. It looks like there’s some heavy influence from Studio Ghibli, and the soundtrack is gorgeous.

Civilization VII

The most mysterious trailer yet! The camera is moving through a diorama of history, from the pyramids to the industrial revolution to a rocket launch.

Of course, fans of the franchise know what to expect by now. We’ll pick a culture and lead it through its development, from the stone age to the present day. This one is definitely worth getting excited for – just be a dear and keep the nukes away from Gandhi.

Black Myth: Wukong

Inspired by Journey to the west, Black Myth: Wukong puts us in the shoes of the Monkey King in one of China’s best known stories. Black Myth: Wukon drops in August for PS5, Steam, and Epic Game Store.

Asgard’s Wrath II

This one looks fun, and it’s out now for free for Meta Quest users. There’s parkour, fishing, flying around in the talons of an eagle, and what looks like a mixture of different mythologies.

Once Human

Okay, this one looks amazing. There’s giants, walking houses, monsters, a variety of different weapons, and what looks like a shot from the point of view of a spider. Once Human drops in July, so keep your eye on this one.

Samsung Gaming Hub

This one’s a service, as opposed to a new game. Samsung Games Hub lets you play a variety of games from a variety of platforms, all in one place.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

This one looks interesting. Coming on June 20, Space Marines puts you in the shoes of… well, a space marine, in either co-op or PVP gameplay. Warhammer 40,000 is a massive universe with its thumbprint elsewhere, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out, A full gameplay trailer is dropping at 9AM PDT/6PM CEST.


Atlus Game Directo Katsura Hashino and Artistic Designer Shigenori Soejima came to the stage to talk about this one. Metaphor is a new RPG where characters transform into their jobs – nothing we haven’t seen before, but trust Atlus to put their own unique spin on it. The art design is gorgeous, and there are 40 different archetypes (jobs) in the game, so there’s plenty for RPG fans to sink their teeth into.

As for the trailer… wow. The gameplay and art style seems to borrow a lot from Persona 5, right down to the anime cut scenes and battle system. Fans of Atlus are going to be eating well. Metaphor drops for on October 11.

Batman: Arkham Shadow

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was supposed to carry on the Arkhamverse, but it didn’t live up to expectations. Arkham Shadow sees Batman work to take down the rat king and his army of followers, and drops for Meta Quest 3 this fall. Expect a full gameplay trailer at Gamescom.

Street Fighter

Ah, Street Fighter, one of the OG classics. We don’t get to see any gameplay, but what we do see looks typically over the top.

Tears of Metal

Did you ever think Celtic music could ever feel so heavy? Tears of Metal is a fantasy roguelike hack and slash set in ancient Scotland with some gorgeously cartoonish graphics. Expect plenty of over the top co-op action when the game drops on Steam.

Dragon Ball Sparkling Zero

Everyone knows about Dragon Ball Z, but this looks like it could be the best game in the franchise yet. Expect an epic showdown of plenty of the franchise’s most famous names when the game drops on October 11.

Delta Force Hawk Ops

This squad-based action game has you working with a team of soldiers on a series of missions. The game’s premium Apha Test drops in July.

The Premium game mode, Black Hawk Down, reimagines the original Delta Force, and is even licensed to recreate scenes from Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down movie.

Fatal Fury: City of Wolves

This one takes a lot of influence from classic arcade games, and it shows. However, there’s plenty of stylized and modern graphics. We don’t get to see much gameplay, but the graphics look smooth, cartoonish, and highly-stylized. Plus there’s a bottle opening minigame!

Battle Crush

Well, this looks adorable. An anime-style princess who can control water and a cyclops are fighting plenty of cartoonish monsters in an ever-shrinking map. Battle Crush drops for Steam, Switch, and Mobile in early access on June 27.

Mecha Break

Got a Zone of the Enders-shaped hole in your heart? Not any more. Mecha Break is a new mecha-based fighting game with a combination of aerial and on-the-ground combat, with plenty of amazing mechs to go around. Mecha Break’s closed beta launches in August.


Blumhouse announced they were getting into gaming last year, and now we have our first look at what’s in store, with a number of different games in the works.

None of the games are based on existing Blumhouse properties, but they all look amazing.

Crisol: Theater of Idols Is a first-person shooter with plenty of horrific monsters.

Grave Seasons looks like a horror take on the farming sim. Stardew Valley, this is not.

Sleep Awake: This looks like something in the vein of Alien Isolation, with a focus on nightmares and insomnia. Will it keep us up at night? Only time will tell.

Fear the Spotlight: Has any good ever come from an ouija board? Not when it seemingly makes your friend disappear into thin air and invites horrific monsters to hunt you. I’ll stick to Scrabble. The first full trailer for this one drops at the Day of the Devs stream after the show.

The Simulation: A game designer is asked to help the local police solve a case, but why? Only time will tell, but it looks like the case involves a haunted game of some kind.

Project C: The trailer doesn’t show us what to expect from this one, but it comes from Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg, so expect some serious body horror.

In other news, Blumhouse announced that a new Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is in the works. Jason Blum has also clarified that the studio’s ethos is the same as their films, giving indie studios a high degree of creative freedom.

Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind

This one reads arcade in the best way, as the Power Rangers team up to take down their arch-foe Rite Repulsa. Expect plenty of kung-fu, run and gun elements, and first-person Mech action.

Deer & Boy

Well, this one looks charming. A young boy is teaming up with a deer to explore the world and all its dangers. The music is gorgeous, there’s giant shadowy monsters, and the deer grows up as the game goes on, earning new skills as it does.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2

This one looks like it has a lot more of what we loved about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with all the advances you’d expect as a sequel to a six year old game. There’s gorgeous graphics, medieval sieges, wisecracking characters, and plenty of era-appropriate action. Watch out for Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 on PS5, Xbox, and Steam later this year.


The last time we saw Slitterhead was in July 2023, with the release of some behind the scenes footage and pre-alpha gameplay. The newest game from Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama and Bokeh Game Studios is a nightmarish hack-and-slash with platforming elements, body jumping, and plenty of messed-up creatures. Plus you get to play a dog! You get to play a dog. That alone makes this a GOTY contender.

Slitterhead drops on November 8, 2024.

Killer Bean

This is easily the strangest announcement from the event yet. You play as a retired assassin trying to take down a shadowy agency with breakdancing, weapons, and kung fu. Oh, and you’re a bean. This third-person roguelike shooter drops later this year.


A survival climber, you say? Well, if you insist. This game puts realism at the forefront as you attempt to climb a never-summited mountain. The graphics are beautiful, and just watching someone else play this game is enough to give you vertigo.

You can see more from Cairn at Day of the Devs.


Well, this one looks cozy! You play as a woman who works at a quaint and quirky tea shop, but dreams of fighting in the arena. Of course, this game comes from The Stanley Parable Davey Wreden, so expect more than meets the eye. Wanderstop comes to PS5 and Steam later this year.

Unknown 9: Awakening

This is the first we’ve seen from Unknown 9: Awakening for some time, and damn, does it look good. Unknown 9: Awakening follows Haroona, a young woman with mystical powers who can interact with the fold – another dimension that overlaps our own. Unknown 9 drops this Fall for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Monster Hunter Stories/Monster Hunter Stories 2: WIngs of Ruin

These games are giving us a more cartoony take on a the franchise, with anime-style graphics, chibi characters, and a gorgeous score, Both games drop for the PS4, Switch, and Steam on June 14.

Enotria: The Last Song

This game seems to take influence from a lot of different cultures, and mixes them in the most fun way possible. The trailer sees two mysterious warriors battling in a gigantic cathedral with over the top weapons and transforming costumes. Enotria is coming to PS5 and Steam, and a demo is available right now.

The FIrst Descendant

This sci-fi looter shooter has been in the works for some time. The trailer showcases the gorgeous design and characters in a variety of situations and settings, from futuristic cities to verdant fields. Expect plenty of over the top action and crazy powers when the game drops on July 2 for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.


This isn’t a game, but it’s no less exciting. This new fund from Among Us studio Innersloth is designed to fund indie developers who are struggling to ship their games, meaning more games for the rest of us. As part of the reveal, we got a sneak peek at some of the games that Outersloth has funded.

  • Mars First Logistics
  • Battle Suit Aces
  • Mossfield Archives
  • One BTN Nosses
  • Rogue Eclipse
  • Project Dosa

The games cover a variety of genres and styles, so indie fans would do well to keep an eye on what Outersloth are up to!

Among Us TV Show

This cartoon takes the crazy fun of Among Us to a new medium. The trailer itself doesn’t tell us much about the story, but it captures the feel of the game – and stars actors such as Ashley Johnson, Elijah Wood, and Wayne Knight.

Sonic X Shadow Generations

This one combines a variety of levels from both Sonic the Hedgehog and his edgy clone, Shadow. In addition to exploring the past, each hero will get their own unique campaigns. The game drops on October 25, but players who pre-order the deluxe edition can play from October 22.

Dune: Awakening

This MMO explores a world where Dune legend Paul was born as a woman, and what effect this would have on the world. Fans of the franchise have a lot to look forward to – just look out for Sandworms.

Battle Aces

This sci-fi RTS aims to bring the joy of RTS to newcomers and established fans alike. Players will take control of armies, with a high emphasis on strategy and a low focus on endless clicking. You can sign up for the beta at

The Finals: Season 3

The Finals introduces us to the world’s deadliest game show, as people from a variety of backgrounds are sucked into high-stakes combat. Is it fair to put a chef against a samurai? Probably not, but therein lies the charm. The Finals Season 3 drops on June 13 with new weapons, loadouts, and a new arena.

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 was a massive success last year, but was exclusively released digitally. Luckily, physical editions will be releasing this fall, with preorders open from tomorrow.

In other Alan Wake news, the first expansion to the game has been announced: Night Springs puts Rose, Control hero Jesse, and Tim Breaker (or is it Sean Ashmore?) into “What if” scenarios inspired by the in-universe TV series, and drops on June 8. However, it’s exclusive to those who own the digital version of the game, at least for now.

New World Aeternum

The new game from Amazon Game Studios doesn’t show much of the gameplay, but it looks to be a fantasy title set on an Island that seems to hold the secret to immortality – as well as strange ruins and a rich ecosystem of wonderful monsters. New World Aeternum drops on October 15 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam.

Honkai Star Rail

The latest expedition of Honkai Star Rail is filled with more of the stylish combat and graphics that we’ve come to expect. It seems that this expedition will put a strong focus on dreams, so expect a healthy dose of surrealism in the mix.

Dark and Darker

This dungeon crawler sees you exploring ruins filled with a variety of knights, skeletons, demons,a nd other assorted monsters. There seems to be a lot of influence from the likes of Dungeons and Dragons, but frankly that’s the opposite of a problem. Dark and Darker is free to play right now on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Gods

Capcom’s latest game, and boy is there a lot to be excited for. This game seems to borrow a lot from Japanese folklore, with plenty of wonderful creatures to face with a variety of samurai weapons. Kunitsu-Gami drops on July 19.

Hyper Light Breaker

This sci-fi action game is presented in cel-shaded graphics, with a full co-op campaign – and the ability to create blocks in mid-air and drop them on your foes. Hyper Light Breaker is coming to Early Access in late summer.

Party Animals

This adorable party game sees precious animals fighting in a variety of stages with their own unique pawers. (Misspelling intentional.) Party ANimals has a variety of game modes, and is coming to Steam and Xbox.


It’s always fun when a trailer mixes with the format. This one has a spokesperson for a fictional company (Mcorp) slowly losing his wits as he attempts to convince the audience that things are going well. Predictably, they don’t.

Straight after this was a trailer for Skate, the newest game in the franchise. How this ties into M Corp remains to be seen, but you can find out more at

Palworld: Sakurajima’s Update

The latest update will bring a whole new island to Palworld, with plenty of new pals and quests. The new update also introduces dedicated Xbox servers, a new raid, a new faction, and plenty more. The update drops on June 27.


Valorant has already proven to be a massive success on PC, and now the game is coming to console for the first time. The game pits players against each other in intense battles, with plenty of over-the-top powers to sink your teeth into. Valorant is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S later this year, with a limited beta starting on June 14.


You know a game is going to be crazy when Ken Jeong is dressed as a chicken in the trailer. The latest party action game from Supercell launched yesterday. Not much from a gameplay standpoint, but it might well go down as the funniest trailer of the night.

Monster Hunter Wilds

The latest game in the Monster Hunter Franchise might just be the most beautiful in the franchise yet, with detailed characters, a stunning desert, and some of the most insane monsters to be introduced yet. The game launches in 2025 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Look forward to a new trailer – and a demo – at Gamescom Opening Night Live in August.

Phantom Blade 0

Closing the show was a new gameplay trailer for Phantom Blade 0, captured entirely in-engine. The game looks dark in every sense of the world, with plenty of stylish action and grotesque enemies. Hands-on experiences of the game will be available at a variety of gaming events throughout a year, starting at Summer Games Fest.

Want more announcements? Here’s everything we saw at PlayStation’s State of Play.

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