Subnautica: What the Cure Command Is

Get that health back.


Subnautica lets you use debug console commands, which basically lets you mess around with the game for debugging purposes or for just pure fun and enjoyment. There are a couple different commands that are able to be used; one that will add any item of your choosing to your inventory, one that gives you loot, and one command that will even cure you instantly.

To use commands in Subnautica, you have to make sure that you have the “disable console” option un-ticked in the settings, which you can get to by pressing F3. Once the console is enabled, you can now open up the input box to put in a command of your choosing. You can bring up the input box by pressing the Enter, Tilde, or Zero key (depending on your keyboard settings). To use the cure command, you want to type in “Cure [#].” That number sign lets you choose how much health you want to be cured of. So just type in the word cure followed by a number and you’ll be all set.

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