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State of Decay 2: Which Starter Characters You Should Pick (Tutorial)


State of Decay 2: Which Starter Characters You Should Pick (Tutorial)

Which Starter Characters You Should Choose in State of Decay 2’s Tutorial

As soon as you start a new game in State of Decay 2, you’ll be tasked with picking a couple of characters from about four of five different options. Each couple has their own stats and traits, so that raises the big question of which starter characters you should pick to give you the best chance of survival in State of Decay 2.

Ultimately, this is more of a personal preference. You’ll want to look at each couple’s stats, as well as their traits, too. Surly Siblings are a good option, as they’re fairly balanced but have a slightly raised Cardio skill which is handy if you’ll want to upgrade your Stamina as soon as possible. They do have some niggling traits, though, such as getting rashes and being hypochondriacs. Though, these are by no means the worst traits to have in State of Decay 2.

What you want to avoid, if possible, is anyone who has a pointless skill, such as comic book trivia or anything else that’s not really going to bring a practical benefit to your community. In particular, some characters don’t “know limits” or may have traits which result in them being aggressive and starting fights. This can lead to losing supplies from being broken and a lower morale in your community, so keep this in mind when choosing.

Even if you do make a bad choice with your starter characters in State of Decay 2, remember that you can always start over and pick some others. Not to mention, give it a few hours and you’ll begin to recruit more survivors. Once you’ve got yourself settles and can start recruiting survivors more easily, don’t be afraid to exile your starter characters if they’re causing you problems. There are plenty more zombie apocalypse surviving fish in the sea.

That’s what you need to know about the starter characters in State of Decay 2. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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