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Squad Busters Characters Tier List [Updated] (May 2024)

Squad Busters is finally here!

Searching for a Squad Busters tier list? This is the newest game from Supercell, best known for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. It’s a return to the classic village-building mechanics that made Clash such a hit, with arena battles and a huge roster of characters from the publisher’s other games to add to your repertoire. For tips on who to choose, our tier list has you covered.

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All Squad Busters Characters Tier List

Since Squad Busters is still fairly new we can’t say our tier list is perfect in its current state, we will look to test each character as much as possible and update the list accordingly, for now this is the ranking of units based on our experience so far:

SArcher Queen, Goblin, Mavis, Tank, Witch
ABarbarian, Barbarian King, Bea, Bo, Greg, Max, Medic, Penny, Shelly, Wizard
BColt, El Primo, Heavy, Hog Rider, Mortis, Royale King
CBattle Healer, Chicken, Nita, Pam
DDynamike, Trader
Squad Busters characters tier list updated as of 5/17/2024

Character Summaries

Squad busters soft launch tier list
Image Source: TierMaker via Twinfinite

S Tier

  • Archer Queen: Good with other ranged characters in the team because of her buff passive, and since there are so many good ranged ones, she is basically OP. Plus, the passive HP regen on 3 stars is really strong. Probably the best core unit on this Squad Busters tier list.
  • Goblin: Can accelerate your upgrades massively with his gold stacking passive. However, you have to have other good characters for him to really pay off.
  • Mavis: Combination of Medic and Goblin. However, you’ll have to go out of your way towards carrot patches to get all that value. So, map movement is key with her.
  • Tank: Very strong both in terms of damage and HP. Combined with the Archer Queen and a healer, she is basically broken.
  • Witch: Her summons are the best in the game, great for both tanking and dealing damage. No regen on her, though, so you’ll need a healer to help her with sustain if she gets focused.

A Tier

  • Barbarian: The instant elite passive makes him really strong for a common unit. Also works extremely well with other Barbarians in the team.
  • Barbarian King: Basically a melee version of Archer Queen. Both are strong and also self-sufficient. However, ranged characters are a bit better in Squad Busters so his rank on the tier list is lower.
  • Bea: Her bees are actually really good, though her best passive is at 3 stars.
  • Bo: His upgrades are really good for a common unit and his DPS is amazing. Definitely worth using for ranged comps.
  • Greg: Allows you to chop trees faster and get more resources. However, Mavis is a slightly bit better right now. Still, will do more testing to confirm his placement.
  • Max: Makes moving around the map much better. He is basically a better version of Hog Rider.
  • Medic: A must if you don’t have self-heal on your other units. Overall really strong, especially on stages where you get swarmed and need lots of heals.
  • Penny: A solid DPS that is much like Greg used to get you more resources. Useful on almost any team.
  • Shelly: Another self-sufficient ranged unit that has both excellent single target and AoE potential. However, she relies on constantly killing multiple enemies, which you’ll have to play around.
  • Wizard: Best utility character in Squad Busters, but if you get bad spells because of RNG, he can be quite underwhelming.

B Tier

  • Colt: Extremely good for a common unit. Plus, he is excellent if you have Archer Queen on your team. Still, there are better options.
  • El Primo: He is a tank but a fairly mediocre one. Has some AoE in his kit, but it’s limited to only 5 enemies.
  • Heavy: Gets a lot of value from having Archer Queen in the team. Plus, both require no designated healer in the squad giving you another slot for more DPS. However, there are better ranged options in Squad Busters, and they are tighter up on the tier list.
  • Hog Rider: Improves the mobility of your squad, which can really come in clutch. Otherwise, he doesn’t have anything else to offer.
  • Mortis: His revives are okayish all-around and he has some utility from his other passives, too.
  • Royale King: Multiple of these can really stack up. However, more balanced squads seem to outperform him.

C Tier

  • Battle Healer: The HP boost you get from her looks cool on paper. However, some units don’t even need it, and considering she is of epic rarity, you would expect more from her.
  • Chicken: A mix of Medic and Hog Rider. Still, doesn’t do either of their jobs well enough.
  • Nita: The bear is a great tank but outside of that, she is pretty meh.
  • Pam: A worse version of Medic really.

D Tier

  • Dynamike: Biggest fraud in the game. His spells look good on paper, but he is really bad, actually.
  • Trader: The ratio at which he converts gold isn’t really that great. I can’t see him being useful in his current state.

That’s all we’ve got so far for our Squad Busters tier list! As the game evolves and a clear meta emerges, we’ll be sure to update our guide with the latest rankings. Until then, check out our Blue Lock PWC tier list and the latest Jujutsu Legends Phantom Siege codes.

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