Splatoon 2: How to Check the Salmon Run Schedule

How to Check the Salmon Run Schedule in Splatoon 2

If you’ve been playing Splatoon 2, chances are you’ve been able to jump into the incredibly enjoyable PvE mode Salmon Run. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a caveat with this game mode in that you’re only able to play it at certain times. Just as Splatoon 2’s maps rotate throughout the day, Salmon Run has a similar schedule. Fortunately, you can view the Salmon Run schedule from right inside Splatoon 2, so here’s what you need to know.

Once the game has loaded and you’re inside Inkopolis, simply press the X button on your Switch to open the range of menus. Use the R button to tab across to the ‘Stages’ menu and then use the left stick to navigate down to Salmon Run. From here, you’ll find the Salmon Run schedule, detailing the next five dates that the mode will be available.

What’s more, the schedule also lists what supplied weapons you’ll have access to and what map you’ll be playing on. This gives you the perfect chance to get in some practice with the weapons before you take on those pesky Salmonids!

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for Splatoon 2’s PvE mode, be sure to check out our tips and tricks here. We’ve also got a comprehensive wiki for the game to help you out with some common questions and issues along the way.

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