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Should You Pick Action Style or High Speed Style in Sonic Frontiers? Both Modes Explained

The beginning of every Sonic Frontiers playthrough begins with a choice that alters the way Sonic controls. Which should you pick?

When first starting a new game in Sonic Frontiers, you’ll be prompted to select between two styles of play: Action Style or High Speed Style. When you’re forced to make this decision, you’re only given a brief description of what each option entails. If you’re interested in learning the differences between Action Style and High Speed Style in Sonic Frontiers, look no further.

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What Are the Differences Between Action Style and High Speed Style in Sonic Frontiers?

To make a long story short, both styles alter the way Sonic feels to control in the open world. High Speed Style lets Sonic move much more quickly at the cost of precision, while Action Style reduces his overall speed to prioritize precise movement for platforming.

It sounds simple enough, but it goes quite a bit deeper than that. The two choices offered at the beginning of the game are actually two different presets for a group of options the player can adjust at any time. These include:

  • Starting speed
  • Initial boost speed
  • Turning speed
  • Boost turning speed
  • Top speed
  • Steering sensitivity
  • Acceleration
  • Bounce height

Which Style Should You Pick?

Despite the Action Style and High Speed Style being associated with newer Sonic players and older Sonic players respectively, they’re both equally valid ways to play the game. It simply comes down to a personal preference of how you’d like Sonic’s speed and handling to feel as you play through Sonic Frontiers.

This writer personally found the High Speed Style preset to be more in line with what I was expecting as a longtime Sonic fan. Sonic is quick to start, quick to stop, and still offers a solid degree of control, even if it occasionally means hitting the boost button and plunging him to his doom when I misjudged the distance it would cover.

Once you start the game and reach the open world proper, however, I would recommend setting aside some time to fine tune the settings in the options menu to find the perfect settings for you. Each of these options can be adjusted with slider notches from 0 to 100 at anytime in the open world of the game; you’re always only a few button presses away from refining the game’s control scheme to your own tastes.

And that was an explanation of Action Style and High Speed Style in Sonic Frontiers. If you’re interested in learning more about Sonic’s latest outing, feel free to check out our guides on unlocking cyberspace levels and earning chaos emeralds.

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