somerville walkthrough to help with the start as a kid

Somerville Walkthrough: Waking the Parents & What to Do at the Start

A Somerville walkthrough to help you with the start.

The debut game from Jumpship sees a family caught in the middle of an alien invasion, which serves as the opening chapter in a harrowing and mysterious journey. If you’re playing Somerville and finding it a bit obtuse, though, we don’t blame you. It isn’t always especially intuitive as to what the critical path is to progress the game’s story. This Somerville walkthrough guide shows how to wake the parents playing as the kid and what to do at the start.

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How to Wake Parents as the Kid in Somerville

Somerville kicks off with you taking control of a young child while its parents are asleep. Your first port of call is really to wonder about and get used to the game’s controls, but actually progressing the story isn’t necessarily obvious.

What you will need to do is follow the steps listed below. Underneath we’ve also included a YouTube video showcasing our own playthrough, which you might find easier to follow.

  1. Walk to the left of the screen toward the front door and pick up the lamp.

  2. Now go back toward where the parents are sleeping and over to the right. The child will drop the lamp as it shines on some boxes nearby.

  3. Tug on the boxes, then use one to climb over the top and into the kitchen.

  4. Pull the draws out and use them to scale up onto the cooking area and up onto the window. You can interact with the window and pull it upward.

  5. You’ll then wake the parents after falling in the bin, and in the process take control of the father.

  6. As the father, go outside and open the kennel, which will prompt the dog to grab its bowl and run back to the kitchen. Follow it.

  7. Go down to the basement and pick up its food, then go back to the kitchen and watch the chaos unfold.

  8. Go outside to watch the aliens arrive, then back inside and pick up the bag in the kitchen. Follow the wife outside, then back in and eventually into the basement.

And there you have it. Simple when it’s all laid out or showcased in a video but a little hard to decipher in the moment as you learn Somerville’s mechanics and sometimes unclear objectives. Hopefully, this Somerville walkthrough helped you with the start of the game and what to do as the kid. For more on the game, check out our review, and the related coverage listed below.

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