Smash Bros Ultimate: What Hero’s Release Time Is

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate director, Masahiro Sakurai, revealed multiple juicy new tidbits of information on the new Hero DLC for the title in a livestream-style YouTube video. Among the morsels of how the Hero’s moveset, stage, and music selection work, we also finally got the release date for the new fighter, so let’s dig in.

Smash Bros Ultimate: What Hero’s Release Time Is

It appears that after a questionable YouTube video title change, the Hero from the Dragon Quest series is in fact coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate in July. The video in question released on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel showcased upcoming July releases for the Switch and featured the Hero DLC. It was promptly changed to “Summer” from “July” further pushing the online conspiracy of a July release.

Sakurai’s recent video revealed that the exact release date is July 30, so there’s isn’t much waiting left to do. If it’s anything like the last DLC release, then it’s likely you won’t be able to get Hero downloaded until the following day thanks to overloaded servers.

We know the date, but the exact time was not revealed which is smart since it may help to avoid overloading servers at a set time. Going based off of the information from the last DLC character release, Joker, it’s likely that Hero will show up on the evening of July 30. Get your LAN adapter ready to download this new DLC.

For those who are interested in the competitive Smash Bros Ultimate scene, it’s highly unlikely that the new fighter, Hero, and the 4.0 update will be allowed at the upcoming international fighting game tournament, EVO. The update and character are just too new to accurately evaluate for competitive play, so they’ll likely play on the current version without Hero.

If you want to learn more what Sakurai covered in the Hero presentation, then check out our breakdown of the video.

Also, you can find the presentation video below where Sakurai shares numerous details on the new Hero DLC fighter.

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