Shinobi Project Trello Link (June 2024) – Does It Exist?

The Way of the Ninja

Shinobi Project is one of many Roblox games that take inspiration from the worlds of anime and manga, in this case, Naruto. Unlike many games, however, Shinobi Project utilizes a permadeath system, so the stakes are higher than in many other games. Here’s everything you need to know about the Shinobi Project Trello link.

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You can visit the Trello page for Shinobi Project here.

However, there’s a caveat here: the page is currently set to private, and as such there’s no way to access it without permission from a workspace Admin. However, the identities of the admins aren’t stated. It’s possible that the board has been temporarily set to private for maintenance purposes. It’s also possible that it will be made public in the future.

In the meantime, you can get more information about a variety of in-game topics by visiting the game’s Discord server. You can also check developer Unlimited Project’s X (Formerly Twitter) or YouTube accounts. Finally, you can try using the in-game communication system.

Shinobi Project dying in the opening area
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What’s on the Shinobi Project Trello?

Since the Trello Board isn’t currently open to the public, there’s no way for us to be sure about what information is available. However, other sources list a variety of sections devoted to a variety of topics.

  • Controls
  • Trait Information: You can have a variety of traits, such as faster handsigns, faster movement, or more HP.
  • Crafting Location and Requirements: There appear to be crafting stations set up around the world, and different schematics are dropped by a variety of the bosses you’ll face in your adventure.
  • Schematics: Each schematic will let you craft a variety of items including weapons and armor.

With so much on offer, it’s clear that many fans are likely to be looking for the Trello link to help them on their adventures. As such, keep an eye on the Trello board, as it’s possible it’ll be made public in the future.

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