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Shenmue 3: How to Get 50 Year Old Lao Jiu

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Shenmue 3: How to Get 50 Year Old Lao Jiu

Shenmue 3 is a game that doesn’t provide a lot of direction at times, intentionally. It’s up to you to figure out where to go and what to do, and one of those moments is when you have to track down the 50-year-old Lao Jiu for Master Sun. So, of course, here’s how to get the 50 year old Lao Jiu.

How to Get 50 Year Old Lao Jiu in Shenmue 3

In order to get Master Sun to help train you, Ryo will need to get him vintage alcohol, specifically a 50-year-old Lao Jiu. Actually finding the alchohol is a simple matter.

Head to Tao’s shop near the Verdant Bridge and talk to him. Tao will tell you to look around his shop, so head to the back right corner. Look for a large pot near a pan handing on the wall, then use L2 to enter examine mode and take the lid off of the pot.

Now you’ll be able to purchase the Lao Jiu…… but it costs a whopping 2000 Yuan. It’s gonna take some work but we’ll help you figure out how to earn some money.

Exploiting Gambling

If you talk to some of the villagers, you’ll learn a handy little trick for exploiting the gambling system. This system takes a little bit of work, but by and large, it’s going to be faster than earning money any of the other ways.

Here’s the fastest option for earning money to buy the Lao Jiu

  1. Head to Sunset Hill and go to the Fortune Teller’s shop. Get your Color Fortune Read and not which color she says.

  2. Go up the hill by the shop and go to where the man is running the four different gambling games. SAVE YOUR GAME first.

  3. Talk to the man and choose to play Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon. Bet everything you have. Remember the color the fortune-teller gave you and choose the option that corresponds to that color.

    Flower is Red, Bird is Green, Wind is Blue, and Moon is Yellow.

  4. As long as you pick the color the fortune-teller told you, you’re pretty much guaranteed to wind. If by some chance you don’t, simply reload your game and do it again.

  5. Rinse and repeat this strategy to rack up tokens. Then go to the Prize Exchange and spend 3,200 tokens to buy Purple Gems. You can then sell these gems at the Pawn Shop next door for roughly 200 Yuan each.

    It’s a good idea to save your game before playing each time, as very occasionally you won’t land on the color that the fortune-teller said.

Other Options For Earning Money

If you want to shake things up, or simply find another way to earn money there are a couple different options.

  • Explore and collect Herb Sets to sell at Tao’s Store.
  • Go to the fishing pond and rent gear. Fish at any of the spots in Bailu and you’ll get paid based on the weight of your catches.
  • Go to Tao’s Store and ask to chop wood. You can earn roughly 40-60 Yuan each time depending on how well you do.

Obviously earning so much Yuan is going to take a while, but use the gambling exploit and other options and you’ll get there eventually. Once you have enough, just head back to Tao’s store and buy the Lao Jiu.

If you need any other help while playing through the game, make sure to check out our Shenmue 3 guide wiki. We have plenty of other guides, like where to get the Herb Map.

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