Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro

Sekiro: How to Beat the Folding Screen Monkeys

How to Find & Beat the Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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The Folding Screen Monkeys boss battle is a rather bizarre one that you’re going to come across in Sekiro. Rather than this simply being a battle to the death, you’ll instead need to seek out different monkeys shown in the folding screen when you reach this area. Here’s how to find and beat the folding screen monkeys in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

What Order to Beat the Folding Screen Monkeys & Why It’s Important

During the cutscene just before this battle, you’ll see three folding screen monkeys in different colors. One is in green, another in orange, and one more in purple. The important thing to note here is that these three monkeys having annoying traits means that you’re best finishing them off in a particular order.

  • Green Monkey – This one will run away from you if he hears you coming.
  • Orange Monkey – This one alerts the other folding screen monkeys when it notices you. Not exactly ideal.
  • Purple Monkey – Similar to the green monkey, this one will run away, but only if it sees you, instead of hears you.

Knowing these, you’re best focusing on taking down the orange monkey first. Without this one sounding off every time it notices you, it’ll make taking down the other two folding screen monkeys in Sekiro that little bit more manageable.

How to Beat the Orange Folding Screen Monkey in Sekiro

As we’ve already mentioned, this one will call in backup if it notices you, but it’s actually fairly easy to take care of quickly. This screen monkey can typically be found on the tree in the center of this area, so we recommend heading there immediately.

If it spots you, ignore any of the other monkeys that drop on in and just focus on taking care of the orange folding screen monkey first. Even better, if you can spot the orange monkey from a distance, try sneaking up and getting a deathblow on it to reduce the chances of having to fight your way through an army of monkeys.

How to Beat the Purple Monkey

Next up is the purple folding screen monkey in Sekiro. For this one, you want to head to the tower in the back left corner of this area and open the door at the top of the tower. This will blow out all of the candles in this room. Next, seek out the purple monkey in this area and begin chasing it.

Eventually, the monkey will end up in this room with all of the candles out. Now, it’s simply a case of either creeping up behind it and using a Deathblow to instantly finish it off. Alternatively, if it still seems to notice that you’re there, try jumping to the ceiling above and using an aerial deathblow to get the upper hand.

How to Beat Green Folding Screen Monkey in Sekiro

Now you’ve got the green folding screen monkey. As we know that it relies on its hearing to alert it of your presence, you want to eliminate this from the equation.

What you’ll want to do first is find it, with it most likely being on one of the rooftops in this area. Next, begin chasing it, but towards the waterfall tower just to the left of your starting position in this area.

As soon as the monkey’s inside this building, it’s simply a case of grappling your way to the top, and dropping in from above. Use a Deathblow once again to finish this enemy off in one and move onto the final fight.

How to Beat the White Monkey

The white monkey is actually invisible, so it’s just constantly going about the place and pretty much following you about. The best method to finish this monkey off is to listen out for the noises it makes when its nearby.

Spend a little time running around in the same space to get yourself familiarized with what it sounds like. Next, equip some firecrackers and once you hear the noise again, use them.

This will cause the white folding screen monkey to reveal itself. Quickly use this opportunity to Deathblow it and finish this boss battle in Sekiro once and for all. You’ll unlock another memory for your hard work in this… bizarre boss battle.

There you have what it takes to beat the folding screen monkeys in Sekiro. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Sekiro guide wiki.

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