Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Get 100 Percent Completion

How to Get 100 Percent Completion in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is, for lack of a better word, huge. There’s seemingly no end to all of the things you can do, whether that means exploring the far corners of the game’s map for secrets or taking on the game’s many main and side missions. There is however, a point at which players can obtain a 100 percent completion tally – even if it is technically rewarded without doing absolutely everything in the game – and we’re here to help you with a complete guide on how to get 100 percent completion in Red Dead Redemption 2. *Warning! Some of the entries in this guide contain spoilers ranging from major to minor.*

There are a number of tasks that players must complete to obtain 100 percent completion in Red Dead Redemption 2. These could require players to do something simple like speak to 10 Strangers, or they could require something more substantial like studying every animal special in the game.

Below is a detailed list of each task required and how to complete them.


One of the main requirements to get a 100 percent completion score in the game is to complete all of the Red Dead Redemption 2’s main missions. There are 85 in all, and you need only complete them all once to fulfill the requirement.


It’s easy to finish this requirement, as it only requires you to speak to 10 of the Red Dead Redemption 2’s many strangers. These are quirky individuals found throughout the game’s world, and typically give players a task or quest to complete.

Be sure to talk to 10 during your travels and the requirement should be fulfilled.


This item tasks Red Dead Redemption 2 players with taking down at least five men with bounties on their heads. You can accept a bounty hunt in most any town from the Sheriff’s office. Note that these won’t be available until a Stranger Mission in Valentine triggers their widespread availability, roughly 10 hours into the game.

Chance Encounters

As you make your way through Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll randomly encounter people out on the roads and in the wilds. Some may need your help with a quick task, while others may try to rob and kill you. This requirement will be fulfilled after 25 have been triggered, so go out and explore the world and don’t be shy about interacting with people you see along the way.

Survive a Gang Ambush

The further into the Red Dead Redemption 2 you get, the more fame and notoriety you’ll earn from the different gangs in the game. Should you anger any one gang enough, you’ll likely be ambushed by them while out on the roads in their territory. Fight your way through at least one and you’ll have this requirement under your belt.

Gang Hideouts

Scattered throughout Red Dead Redemption 2’s world are heavily fortified locations that house the best each of the six gangs have to offer. Taking them down can be a challenge, but the risk is more than worth the reward of supplies and ammunition that can be found in each one. You’ll need to find and capture all six hideouts to complete this requirement, so take your time and stay prepared for a siege as you wander the west in search of each location.

Points of Interest

There are several points of interest scattered throughout Red Dead Redemption 2’s world. They can be anything from a crashed meteorite to a peculiar looking tree. Travel around the world normally and you should trigger at least one along the way. If you’re having trouble, use our easter eggs guide to track down a few of the more memorable ones.

Graves (Warning! Spoilers Ahead)

After reaching the end of Red Dead Redemption 2’s main story, graves for several of the title’s main characters will appear throughout the world. There are nine in all, and players must visit and pay their respects to each one to complete this requirement.

Cigarette Card Sets

The cigarette companies of the west are holding a promotion throughout the game, wherein limited edition playing cards are included in premium cigarette packs. There are 52 in all, and in order to complete this requirement, players will have to compile a complete deck by purchasing or finding premium cigarette packs or picking up cards discarded by people in towns or camps.

Dinosaur Bones

After the Stranger mission “A Test of Faith” is triggered, you are asked to locate dinosaur bones scattered across the west. Once one is found, you can either deliver it directly to the quest giver or inform her of their locations via mail. Every dinosaur bone must be found to complete this requirement, so keep a close eye out for protruding bones along roads and especially in sandier locales.


Once you’ve triggered the “A Fisher of Fish” Stranger mission, you’ll have the option to try and reel in the Legendary Fish that inhabit different waterways and lakes throughout the world. Every legendary fish must be caught to complete this requirement, so keep calm and try to capture them as soon as you notice them bobbing out from beneath the water’s surface.


Unlocked partway through chapter 4, this requirement tasks you with finding a number of exotic plants, feathers and the like in the form of the Stranger mission “Duchesses and Other Animals.” The area where they can be found will be highlighted on your map, and each new tier of items to find will only trigger once you’ve unlocked that area of the map via the main story’s progression.

Once these areas are unlocked and you’ve made your way to them, spam the Eagle Eye ability and they should become visible with a faint aura or marker around them. You should have them all before long and be able to turn them into the mission giver, completing the requirement.

Rock Carvings

Made available for examination through the “Geology for Beginners” Stranger mission, this 100 percent completion list item requires players to track down intricate carvings in the faces of rocks scattered around the west. Though the quest doesn’t point you in the direction of each carving, they stand out quite noticeably thanks to their detail.

Like other requirements on this list, the items you need to find are scattered across the entire map, and certain areas containing them won’t be available until proper progress has been made in the main game.

Hunting Requests

Found on the notice boards at any of the world’s major towns, hunting requests ask the player to track and hunt down specific animals in each region. These animals must be killed cleanly and yield an undamaged, perfect pelt to be mailed to the requestor, or the hunt won’t be completed.

There are five in all, and you must complete every one to check this entry off the 100 percent completion list. It’s recommended that you wait until chapter 6 to undertake these, as the Dead Eye ability is upgraded to highlight critical hit points on targets during this chapter. This can be used to better ensure a perfect pelt yield from skinning the animal, and cut down the amount of time you spend re-hunting a certain animal if a mistake is made.

Treasure Hunter

Throughout the game, you may come upon treasure maps with sketches of specific areas that house treasure. These can be a pain to track down, but typically house riches are well worth the hassle. This requirement will be completed after only one is successfully tracked down, so as soon as you find a map, get to work uncovering the area it depicts.


Scattered about the world, there are 20 dream catchers hung from the branches of trees. Keep an eye out for lone trees along the road and don’t forget to check for odd patches of color on trees when you make your way through forested areas. Once all 20 are found, you’ll have completed this requirement.


With 50 species in total scattered throughout the game’s western wilds, there are plenty of animals out and about for players to hunt, eat and otherwise study. All 50 need to be encountered to fulfill this requirement, so keep an eye out for creatures in the distance while you travel about toward missions and side content.


Alongside guns and items, equipment serves as a vital staple of tools for the perspective western frontiersman. These items range from the lasso and binoculars to less traditional fair like an early model camera.

10 of the game’s 72 equipment items are needed to complete the 100 percent completion requirement, so this should be checked off the list simply by playing through the game and unlocking equipment items for missions. Play through the game normally, and if you’re just short of the requirement, talk to strangers. Many will give you equipment items needed to complete their Stranger missions.


There are many different species of fish in the west, and players will need to encounter 10 to complete this 100 percent completion requirement. Fish in any bodies of water you come across, and be sure to keep an eye out for any new looking fish when you arrive in a new area of the map.


There are six gangs vying for power in the west, and players will need to encounter all of them for this requirement to be considered completed. Play through the gang normally and they should each show themselves at one point or another. If they don’t, try tracking down their hideout. Even if you don’t successfully capture it, the run-in will count toward meeting the gang


Players can ride a number of different breeds of horse during their western adventure, and this 100 percent completion item requires them to discover 10 of the 19 different breeds of horses available for use. To get this one quick, find the stables in each major city and check to see if any of the horses for sale are a breed you haven’t seen yet. Purchase the horse if it’s a new one, then rinse and repeat the process until you’ve hit 10 recorded breeds.


Out in the wild frontier of the west are several different types of plants the player can collect. There are 43 in all, but Red Dead Redemption 2 players need only find 20 to meet the 100 percent completion requirement. Keep an eye out while out on the road or in forested areas, and use the eagle eye ability to highlight plants that can be harvested.


From revolvers to rifles, bows to shotguns, there are a large number of firearms for Red Dead Redemption 2 players to choose from over the course of their adventure. 48 of the 59 weapons need to be unlocked by the player for this requirement, and it typically won’t be possible to complete until the end of the game’s story. Once this is done, check in with blacksmiths and other weapon sellers for any you may have missed during your playtime.

Reach Maximum Health, Stamina and Dead Eye

Increased automatically as players run, fight and use the Dead Eye ability, Arthur Morgan’s core stats level up as players play Red Dead Redemption 2. Simply play through the main story’s missions and all three stats should be maxed out by the end of the game.

Horse Bonding

Taking care of your horse and keeping it healthy will help to improve your bond with the animal, and this 100 percent completion task requires you to max out your bond with any one horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. To do this, give a horse of your choosing plenty of care and affection. Brush its mane, feed it regularly and keep it safe from harm. After a few hours of this, the maximum bond level should be reached.


Across the many mini games and side activities the game provides, Red Dead Redemption 2 offers several challenges to be overcome for players to show their true skill. All of these challenges can be viewed from the main menu’s Challenges tab, and any nine of the 90 provided must be completed for the 100 percent completion requirement.


Strange shacks can be found out in Red Dead Redemption 2’s wilderness, each with their own secrets and abnormalities to discover. Keep an eye out during your travels, and once all five are found, this requirement should be fulfilled.

Legendary Animals

Among the wildlife that wanders Red Dead Redemption 2’s world, some stand as the most dangerous and awe inspiring of them all. These legendary creatures pose a great challenge both in tracking and taking them down, and players will have to successfully bag five of these animals for the 100 percent completion requirement.

Table Games

In towns and train stations, Red Dead Redemption 2 players can find amicable folks who prefer a game of chance to violence and bloodshed. Join these individuals when you can and, after playing one game each of Poker, Black Jack, Dominoes and Five Finger Fillet over the course of the story, you’ll complete this requirement.

Ranters, Ravers and Campaigners

Every so often, Red Dead Redemption 2 players will encounter strangers that, while not intent on giving them something to do, will have something to say about the world and where it’s headed. Speak with five of them over the course of your playtime and you’ll complete this 100 percent completion requirement easily.


In each town, players will find establishments that offer bathing services to paying customers. Take one bath at any point in the game and this requirement will be in the books.


At either the Imperial Theatre in Blackwater or the Fontana Theatre in Saint Denis, players can view an animated motion picture in all of its early film glory. Visit one of these theaters once and it’ll be another requirement down.


The Theatre Raleur in Saint Denis offers a show for the ages with fire eaters, snake eaters and other strange performers. Check it out for yourself once, and it’ll get you one step closer to a 100 percent completion in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Both through the story and by interacting with characters throughout the world, Red Dead Redemption 2 players can find crafting recipes to create food, tonics and other necessities they’ll need to survive the game. For this requirement, they’ll need to craft one cooking recipe, one tonic, one type of ammunition, one hunting item, one horse care item and one weapon. Once they do, this requirement will be complete.


Bad news for players who want to stay as honorable as possible: Red Dead Redemption 2 requires you to take part in robberies to obtain a 100 percent completion, and those carried out in the story don’t count.

All the same, completing the task is simple. Stake out one of the four potential robbery targets available – a coach, a home, a shop or a train – and see the robbery through to completion. Once one of each type of robbery has been successfully carried out, the requirement will have been met.

Hopefully, this helps make it a little easier to reach that 100 percent completion mark. For more on Red Dead Redemption 2, check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki, as well as our guide on the many easter eggs in the game that you need to see for yourself.

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