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Pokken Tournament: How to Get All Support Pokemon Sets

Emolga and Fennekin

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Unlocked at the beginning of Pokken Tournament.


  • Attack
  • Shock Wave: A quick, long distance attack. Effective against ranged opponents. Decreases speed.


  • Disrupt
  • Ember: A multi-hitting dome-shaped attack. Effective at pushing opponents back.

Snivy and Lapras


Unlocked at the beginning of Pokken Tournament.


  • Attack
  • Leaf Tornado: Aims at an opponent and performs an anti-air attack. Effective against opponents who attack often.


  • Attack
  • Surf: A wide and powerful charging attack. Can nulify some long-distance attacks.

Frogadier and Eevee


Unlocked at the beginning of Pokken Tournament.


  • Attack
  • Water Pulse: Fires water pellets over a long distance. Effective when striking from long range.


  • Enhance
  • Helping Hand: Provides a temporary boost to attack. Also recovers a small amount of HP.

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