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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Route 1: What Pokemon You Can Catch


Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Route 1: What Pokemon You Can Catch

What Pokemon You Can Catch on Route 1 in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon see the return of many features that were re-introduced to the series in the original Sun & Moon. One of those features is the Routes you can take in the game, with Route 1 making its remixed return in Alola’s Melemele Island. Naturally, you will find a ton of low-level Pokemon to start off your adventure with. Here’s a list of what you can potentially find in the tall grass areas around this route. The ones that note uncommon are a bit tougher to come across.

All Route 1 Pokemon in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

  • Pikipek
    • Normal, Flying
  • Yungoos
    •  Normal
  • Rattata
    • Dark, Normal
  • Caterpie
    •  Bug
  • Ledyba
    • Bug, Flying
  • Spinarak
    • Bug, Poison
  • Metapod
    •  Bug
  • Pichu (uncommon)
    • Electric
  • Rockruff (common in 10 Carat Hill)
    • Rock
  • Grubbin (common in 10 Carat Hill)
    • Bug
  • Bonsly (uncommon)
    • Rock
  • Grimer (uncommon)
    • Poison, Dark
  • Magnemite (but more common in Hua’oli City)
    • Electric, Steel
  • Meowth (but more common in Hua’oli City)
    • Dark
  • Wingull
    • Flying, Water
  • Slowpoke (common in 10 Carat Hill)
    • Water, Psychic
  • Diglett (common in 10 Carat Hill)
    • Ground, Steel
  • Zubat (common in 10 Carat Hill)
    • Poison, Flying
  • Psyduck (common in 10 Carat Hill)
    • Water
  • Buneary
    • Normal
  • Munchlax
    • Normal
  • Inkay
    • Dark, Psychic
  • Tentacool
    • Water, Poison
  • Mantyke
    • Water, Flying
  • Finneon
    • Water
  • Zorua
    • Dark

It is, of course, the first area you will be able to catch Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so don’t fret about all the low levels or if you just keep seeing the same pocket monsters that you can encounter. You need to keep adventuring forth, and some of the above are well worth the search.

If you’re seeking to complete your Pokedex or nab some great types to start off your team with, Route 1 is the place to hunt. For more help with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, be sure to check out our other guides.

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