Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Gigantamax

Pokemon Sword & Shield, Gigantamax

Gone are the days of Mega Evolutions and now — thanks to Pokemon Sword & Shield — Gigantamaxing is here to stay. Not only does your Pokemon change forms, but it also becomes multiple stories tall. The transformations are certainly impressive and the stat boosts are great, but that does you no good if you don’t know how it’s done. Here’s how to Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword & Shield

First, before we get into all the Gigantamaxing fun, you may be wondering how this differs from Dynamaxing. Well, any Pokemon in the game can Dynamax in the proper setting (Gyms, Raids).

Alternatively, Gigantamaxing is much closer to Mega Evolutions in that only certain species of Pokemon can do it. However, not just anyone can do it. Only certain mons in these species can undergo this transformation.

That means if you have a favorite creature in Pokemon Sword & Shield that can Gigantamax, then you can’t just catch any old version of that creature. You’ll need to get a specific one that can do it. Luckily, we have a list of all those creatures.

Once you get yourself a compatible Pokemon, then the transformation in battle is pretty easy. Just choose Gigantamax next to your move of choice and unleash a special G-Max move.

If you’re looking to get some Pokemon that can Gigatamax, then you’ll have to mostly go to Max Raids. These raids won’t always contain mons that can Gigantamax, but it’s the best place to look.

In-game events may make certain ones appear more often, and sometimes you’ll be able to receive these creatures via Mystery Gift. They’re not extremely common, but their strength makes them worth hunting down.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here’s a quick summary of How to Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword & Shield:

  1. Get a Pokemon that can Gigantamax

    There should be a red Gigantamax logo to the left of the Pokemon’s name when you view it.

  2. Enter a Gym Battle, Online Battle, or Max Raid Battle

    These are the types of battles that allow this form transformation.

  3. Hit the Gigantamax button, then choose your move

    Choose wisely as you can only do this once per battle and it only lasts three turns.

That’s everything there is to know about how to Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you need help with anything else in the game, then just check out our Sword & Shield Guide Wiki.

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