Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Money Fast

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Here’s How to Get Money Fast in Pokemon Let’s Go

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Welcome, trainers! You’ve probably been enjoying Pokemon Let’s Go recently and have discovered how wonderfully addicting catching Pokemon can be. We’re pretty big fans of it, here. Another thing you might have noticed is how money plays an integral part in this game. It’s not like a lot of games that give you way more money than you’d ever need, at least not at first. Items in this game are expensive and, being a Pokemon fan, you’ll most likely want to buy everything. Let’s go over some fantastic ways to get money fast in Pokemon Let’s Go.

There are a few methods for getting fast cash and depending on where you are in the game, certain ones might work better for you. If you’re early on in the game, these next two methods might be best.

For method one, head to Pewter City and go straight to the top left area where you’ll find a Slowpoke next to a lady. Talk with her, and she’ll ask you to babysit the Slowpoke while she visits the museum.

Say yes and a short time-lapse will happen and the lady will return. As a payment for your troubles, she’ll reward you with a Big Pearl – a bit of a lousy reward for taking care of a Slowpoke all day, but since money is so tight, we’ll take what we can get.

You can then sell the Big Pearl at a Poke Mart for $4,000. It isn’t much, but for the early sections of the game, every little bit helps. Do note, you can only do this once a day.

The next method is similar to the last and requires you to head to Fuchsia City. Once there, go to the brown building directly to the right of the Pokemon Center, the Warden’s House.

Once inside, you should see a big block that can be pushed. Use your Pokemon to push it out of the way and it will uncover a Diglett. After speaking with it, you’ll receive a Nugget, which can be sold for $5,000.

Much like the Big Pearl, the nugget can be acquired once a day.

Those methods are okay, but what about ways to get money fast in Pokemon Let’s Go in the late-game areas?

Well, grinding for money by continuously beating the Elite Four members is an option, it’s still quite slow. What you could do is head over to Cerulean Cave (where Mewtwo is located) once you’ve become the champion and defeated the Elite Four to find a nifty little spot to farm rare items to sell.

As soon as you enter Cerulean Cave, follow the path and cross the water. The first stop has a ladder, so climb it and head upstairs. At this point, you’ll be on a floor with lots of glowing spots on the ground.

If you’re lucky, you might get Golden berries, like the Golden Nanab and Golden Raspberries. You’ll likely find a lot of other items, too. The Golden berries are worth $2,500 a piece, which is less than the Big Pearl and the Nugget, but there is no daily cap on acquiring them. Simply leave the cave, walk around for a bit and then return to do it all again.

Alternatively, you could equip the Pay Day TM and spam members of the Elite Four with it to gain money, but that method can be super boring. Although, if you equip the move to both Pokemon while playing in co-op, it’ll go a lot quicker, so it’s up to you. That method will net you a decent amount of cash for defeating the trainer, plus extra money for using the Pay Day move.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get money fast in Pokemon Let’s Go. If only these methods worked for getting money in real life.

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