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Pokemon Go: How to Vote for February 2020 Community Day Pokemon

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Pokemon Go: How to Vote for February 2020 Community Day Pokemon

The first month of the new decade is coming to a close and much to the surprise of GO fans, we’re going to decide the featured Pokemon for February 2020 Community Day. Vulpix, Machop, Rhyhorn and Dratini are the options we have to choose from, but voting isn’t as easy as just tapping a button. Here’s how to vote for the February 2020 Community Day Pokemon.

February 2020 Community Day Pokemon Vote in Pokemon GO

Niantic couldn’t just make things easy for us. Instead of going to a site or opening an in-app ballot you have to play the game in order to vote. For 24 hours on Feb. 1, you’ll be able to vote for the Pokemon you want.

This is done through Field Research tasks inside the Pokemon GO app. There are four different special tasks that you can get which correspond to the four options for the next Community Day.

Each task will be marked with the text, Vote for [Pokemon name] Community Day! Each task is exactly the same and asks you to catch 20 Pokemon to submit a vote. Each research will yield 200 Stardust as well.

That means if you don’t want to pick a certain option then you’ll just have to delete the Field Research you don’t want and keep spinning Pokestops until you land the right Pokemon vote.

The winner of the vote will be announced two days later on Feb. 3 and the Community Day event will take place on Feb. 22.

Here’s a quick summary of how to vote for the February 2020 Community Day Pokemon:

  1. Spin a Pokestop to get a Field Research task

    This must be done between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 1 and you’ll need to have an open Field Research spot.

  2. Catch 20 Pokemon

    Each task has the same requirement to register a vote. If you don’t want to vote for a certain Pokemon, then you can just delete any Field Research that would count as a vote for them.

  3. Tap the Field Research to claim 200 Stardust

    A vote will not be registered unless you tap on the task after it has been completed.

That’s all there is to know about voting for the February 2020 Community Day Pokemon in Pokemon GO. If you want the full details on the Community Day for next month then check them out here.

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