A player searching a field in Phasmophobia.
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Phasmophobia Point Hope Lighthouse Release Time Countdown

A new place to explore.

Looking for the Phasmophobia Point Hope Lighthouse release time? The newest Phasmophobia map comes as part of the overall 0.10 update, also known as Eventide. In this guide, we’ll count down to the update’s launch while also outlining what you can expect.

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When Is the Phasmophobia Point Hope Lighthouse Release Time?

The Point Hope Lighthouse map in Phasmophobia releases on June 25, 2024.

There is no confirmed release time just yet, but we’d recommend checking your version of the game at midnight local time, to see if the patch has shown up on your PC. Failing that, it’ll likely drop at midnight EST on June 25, so you may have to wait overnight before trying out the lighthouse map.

After first being teased on the roadmap at the start of 2024, the devs have finally confirmed that the Point Hope Lighthouse comes alongside the Eventide update, version 0.10.0. This is the first major Phasmophobia expansion since 0.9.0 back in August 2023, excluding minor updates to tweak behind-the-scenes features.

As such, you’ve not got long at all to wait for the new map to dive into!

The Point Hope Lighthouse in Phasmophobia.
Image Source: Kinetic Games

What Is Included With the Phasmophobia Point Hope Lighthouse?

The main feature of Phasmophobia’s upcoming Eventide update is, of course, the new Point Hope Lighthouse map. We haven’t seen much of it in action yet, though streamers will begin showing off the map in action in the late hours of June 24, so keep your eyes peeled. So far, we know it mostly takes place in a lighthouse with circular rooms on each level. The only two rooms shown off so far are an office and bathroom, though there’s bound to be even more.

Alongside this, the Eventide update comes with some Ascension adjustments, bug fixes, and optimizations. There aren’t any official patch notes yet, so we’ll be sure to update this guide when they arrive.

That’s all for this guide! For more Phasmophobia, check out whether the game is on PS4 or PS5 and how to use the Parabolic Microphone.

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