Phasmophobia Eventide Update Patch Notes Breakdown

"Are you brave enough to become the new lighthouse keeper?"

Fans of Kinetic Games’ first-person horror title Phasmophobia have eagerly awaited a major patch for months – and their calls have been answered with the new Eventide Patch. Here are the Phasmophobia Eventide update patch notes.

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However, I’m sure many never would have expected something of this size. The v0.10.0.0 update introduces a brand-new location, new ID Card badges, and a million other changes from optimization to swathing game fixes.

Phasmophobia Eventide Update Overview

Image Source: Kinetic Games

Despite the change in naming convention for this latest update, the Phasmophobia team has reassured the community that there will be no disturbance to the game’s preexisting roadmap. In the patch notes, they wish to highlight how:

“Due to the size of this update, we have given it the version number of v0.10 … the following updates planned in the Roadmap will instead have increased version numbers, but the content and order of updates remain the same.”

Kinetic Games, Eventide | Major Update v0.10.0.0

The Kinetic Games Team is actively promoting their Discord server so that active players can inform them as to any other issues.

The v0.10.0.0 update to Phasmophobia is a gargantuan update, touching on almost every system of the title – big and small. As such, several other tweaks and fixes – which are not listed in this article – can be found in the official patch notes.

New Location – ‘Point Hope’

The most show-stopping addition in the v0.10.0.0 update to Phasmophobia is the new location of Point Hope. The new location is unlocked at level 15, and sports a macabre maritime theme.

[Point Hope] will challenge players in new ways. You’ll have to use different techniques for some of those pesky ghost abilities while playing on lower-evidence game modes.

Kinetic Games, Eventide | Major Update v0.10.0.0

Detailed in the patch notes as being comprised of a ‘modern extension, complete with a hallway, closets and a downstairs bathroom’ and a ‘main Living Room’, players will no doubt fall in love with this creepy coastal construction.

Boasted by Kinetic Games, as a ‘first for ghost hunters’ the Point Hope lighthouse will be is filled with “spiral staircases and round rooms”.


Kinetic Games has stated that many of the updates provided in v0.10.0.0 were ‘based on community feedback’. As such, player leveling and rewards have been adjusted:

  • The amount of experience required to transition from level one to level 100 has been reduced – “making leveling faster”.
  • Each prestige can now be leveled up by players to level 9999.
  • The amount of experience required to transition from level 999 to level 9999 has been increased.

Equipment Item Adjustments

Similarly ‘based on community feedback’, almost every piece of equipment has seen a change in how it operates. Ranging from minor tweaks to more substantial amendments, an abridged list of equipment adjustments is listed below:

  • DOTS – The Tier I variant has had its light range increased, and Tier III’s scanning effect is now plausible through interaction.
  • EMF – Tier I variant’s needle won’t flicker near or past five, so there won’t be confusion with regards to evidence. Tier III’s EMF5 reading now has a unique sound that plays.
  • Firelight – Both Tier I and Tier II variations have an increase in the density of their visible light and duration. Tier I’s duration has been increased to five minutes, from three minutes. Tier II’s duration has been increased to 10 minutes, from five minutes.
  • Head Gear – Head Gear can now be turned off and on through a customizable keybinding. Tier I Head Gear now plays unique sounds when turned on and off, to help players know what state the Head Gear is in. All Tiers of Head Gear now play a new sound when in range of a ghost event, or when hunting a ghost.
  • Parabolic Microphone – Parabolic Microphones now have to be held to turn them off and on. When a sound is detected by the Tier I Parabolic Microphone, its red light will flicker.
  • Tripods and Video Cameras – Video Cameras will now be thrown more consistently by Ghosts. Tier I and Tier II Tripods now have an increased knockdown chance.
  • Sanity Medication – Tier I and Tier II Sanity Medication’s restoration times have decreased. Tier III Sanity Medication will now keep player sprint endurance full for 10 seconds, beyond instantly refilling it.
  • Sound Sensors – Each Sound Sensor’s Truck user interface has had a mute button added.


Update v0.10.0.0 patch notes tout the “drastically improved” performance of several in-game areas.

While they have stated that the total amount of optimizations made to the horror title would be “too many to list”, they have provided a short list of affected areas.

The biggest adjustments have been made to game systems such as shadows, reflections, and physics, alongside weather and sky effects. However, other substantial areas have been better optimized such as the user interface, alongside photo and video cameras.

On a more technical note, the Phasmophobia devs have detailed how VRAM and RAM use should be significantly reduced as “textures and shaders are now streamed to the GPU”.


While it may not play a massive role in every Phasmophobia player’s gaming experience, the tutorial mission has received its own specialized set of updates:

  • The amount of equipment in each room has been lowered to only one.
  • The EMF room has been altered so that the player now has to get EMF 5 to get past.
  • The glowstick has been replaced with the UV torch.
  • Players are now required to be more accurate with the video camera in the Ghost Orb section. Players could previously accidentally complete the objective without actually seeing the Ghost Orb.

Other New Additions

  • An Igniter can now be carried by players, along with three other items.
  • The names ‘Kate’ and ‘Catherine’ have now been added as possible first names for ghosts.
  • Ghosts are now able to leave single fingerprints on television remotes and small lamps, in all locations.
  • The new ‘Lighthouse Keeper’, ‘Apocalypse Bronze’, ‘Apocalypse Silver’, and ‘Apocalypse Gold’ ID Card badges are now available upon completion of their corresponding challenges.
    • If players have already completed any of the Apocalypse challenges then they are required to complete a single game of any kind to receive the reward.

Game Changes and Fixes

– Player

  • Held equipment will now no longer affect player movement.
  • Sprint mode can now be changed while in-game, in VR.
  • Sprinting FOV increase has been removed, due to a “graphical issue”.

– Equipment

  • Players can now no longer swap inventory slots when taking a photo.
  • Players will now drain a decreased 20% sanity when asking the Ouija Board bone location questions.
  • The lighting of the Summoning Circle will now end the setup phase instantly.
  • The Tier II Parabolic Microphone now displays the correct values.
  • When used in the truck, the Parabolic Microphone will now no longer pick up sounds.
  • The Ouija board will no longer break when saying goodbye with 0 sanity.
  • Matches that have extinguished will now no longer light other objects.
  • All map icons relating to sound and motion are now “accurately sized”.

– Ghosts

  • If a painting has been knocked down, then ghosts can now no longer interact with it.
  • Player vision will now be limited after, instead of before, ‘I wish to see the ghost’ is triggered.
  • When a Hanging Painting is thrown by a ghost, it will no longer fall through the floor.
  • The same object will now no longer be thrown by ghosts. Ghosts will now “choose more varied items within its interaction range”.

– Environment

  • Sunrise visuals have been ‘drastically improved’.
  • All Point Hope teasers have been removed from maps and lobby.
  • Assets have been optimized across all maps.
  • The ghost can now correctly close the Tanglewood utility room door.
  • The camping chair on Woodwind is now no longer white.
  • The Journal will now display the correct name for keys collected.
  • Players are now unable to place equipment in the gap under the cabin.

– Audio

  • Audio effects have been adjusted to ‘help identify if sounds are above or below you’.

– User Interface

  • New images have been attributed to the Difficulty, Money, and Prestige level-up popups.
  • Several ID card titles have been renamed and shortened.
  • ‘Interaction amount’ in custom settings has been altered to ‘Activity level’ – to “better reflect what it does”
  • Challenge map names will now display correctly.

Several other tweaks and fixes – which are not listed in this article – can be found in the official patch notes.

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