Persona 5: Is There Dual Audio for Japanese and English?

Swap them as you please.

Japanese and English Dual Audio in Persona 5

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Persona 5’s English cast does a pretty good job of bringing the characters to life, but if you’re looking for a more ‘authentic’ experience, you’ll probably want to play the game with Japanese voices instead. If that’s your thing, you’re in luck, as Atlus and Deep Silver have released a free DLC pack for the game which includes dual audio tracks.

To make use of Persona 5’s dual audio tracks, simply head to the PSN store through your PS4 or web browser, and purchase the Japanese Audio Track DLC for the game. The file size sits at 2.9GB, so you should be able to download and install it fairly quickly. After installing the DLC, boot up the game, and select your language options from the Config menu. You’ll now be able to enjoy the game with its original Japanese voices. If they’re not really to your liking, you can always switch them back to English voices from the menu afterwards.

That’s all you need to know about the dual audio options in Persona 5. Which language do you prefer the character voices in? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below.

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