NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras Explained

Eras has redefined the NBA 2K23 Career experience.

For 2K players, it’s hardly unsurprising to see games focus more on the community experience. Whether it be through online play or the ever-popular MyTeam, those that love to focus their energy on more of a straightforward season may often feel short-changed. But fear not! NBA 2K23 has arrived with Eras, and that’s what this guide is here to break down.

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What Are Eras in NBA 2K23?

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For those that enjoy the simulation experience of a season with minimal fuss, NBA 2K23 introducing Eras may be the very remedy you’re looking for. But before we get carried away with an explanation, let’s first go over how to access them. After all, it’s just a few clicks away.

Where to Find NBA Eras

  1. Select MyNBA Eras from the Main Menu.

  2. Select MyNBA (the first option provided).

  3. Create a new Save and proceed.

    There are four choices: Magic vs. Bird, Jordan, Kobe, and Modern.

Once you get to the screen shown above, you’ll have your pick of four different eras—or three if you wish to discount the modern-day as a genuine choice. Magic vs. Bird begins in 1993, Jordan starts in 1991, and you can begin your journey in 2002 if you decide to choose Kobe.

Each era has its highlights, and with a brand-new Jordan Challenge in this year’s game, it’s easy to see why NBA 2K would put more of an emphasis on specific eras this time around.

Key Differences in the Magic vs. Bird Era

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Remember when Zone Defense was banned? Oh, and yes, players were allowed to be a bit more physical in this era. Notably, the presentation is top notch. Also, that’s a nice little pack of teams entering the league.

Key Differences in the Jordan Era

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Hand checking forever, and welcome to the show, Zone Defense. This era continues with the excellent presentation while striving to capture the essence of commentary from that decade.

Key Differences in the Kobe Era

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RIP Seattle SuperSonics. Most players will never, ever forget—if only because the Sonics are brought up so often that it feels like a cruel joke at this point. The Charlotte Bobcats ensured this would also be the Jordan Era, just in a different way. Oh, and remember when social media was new?

Now, players can finally settle the age-old debate of ‘What is the best era in NBA history?’ on their own terms. Between Magic, Bird, Jordan, and Kobe—not to mention the incredible supporting cast that populates each—there may not be a single lousy selection among them. So no matter how often you want to fire up a season, the choice is yours.

Well that does it for us explaining eras via MyNBA in NBA 2K23. There’s plenty to do and plenty of time, so what are you waiting for? And for more NBA 2K23-related content, such as applicable locker codes and all available classic teams—not to mention even more at the links below, be sure to keep your eyes locked on Twinfinte.

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