NBA 2K22: All Dribble Move Requirements

nba 2k22 dribble requirements

Knowing the requirements for dribble moves is essential when creating a player in NBA 2K games. This is the info you’ll need if you want to toy with defenders as an offensive threat. Here are all of the dribble move requirements in NBA 2K22.

All NBA 2K22 Dribble Move Requirements

Dribble Styles

Dribble styles determine what your player does when simply standing in an idle stance, or when they move while dribbling the ball.

Signature Size-Ups

Size-ups are the moves that your player does to break down the defender when not in motion. These size-ups will likely lead to a drive and can be used to start offense without a play.

Signature Combos

Combos are an extension of size-ups. They’re basically strings of moves that can be chained together to further break down the defender without moving from a single spot.

Size-Up Escape Packages

Size-up escapes will move your player slightly from one spot to another without going into a full drive. If you want to move just a bit to reposition yourself, escapes are the moves to use.

Moving Crossovers

Moving crossovers are the ones that your player uses while in motion. So, you’ll usually be using these crossovers while driving to the basket or to get across half court on a fast break.

Moving Behind the Backs

Moving behind the backs are used in much the same way as moving crossovers — on drives toward the basket or to lose defenders on fast breaks.

Moving Spins

Moving spins are in the same category of dribble moves as moving crossovers and behind the backs in NBA 2K22. They’re all used in the same situations.

Moving Hesitations

Moving hesitations are, once again, used in transition or when trying to free yourself on drives. They’re good to use when trying to fake another move. The hesitation can, well, make defenders hesitate.

Moving Stepbacks

Moving stepbacks are actually used for the opposite reasons as the other moving moves since they’ll completely stop your drive and motion. This helps to fake a drive and catch defenders off-guard.

That’s everything you need to know when it comes to the dribble requirements in NBA 2K22. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for the game to find more tips, tricks, and useful info if you need more pointers.

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