NBA 2K19: Best Jumpshots for MyPlayer

Best Jumpshots for MyPlayer in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 has a large selection of jumpshots for your MyPlayer, some of which are free or available to purchase with VC. For the average gamer, each jumpshot might seem like a cosmetic-only kit for your character. In truth, jumpshot animations in past games in the series had varying green release windows, with certain jumpers offering a bigger sweet spot to land a perfect shot. So, which is the best jumpshot animation?

Before you start purchasing highly recommended jumpshots from your friends or popular YouTubers, you should be aware that 2K Sports appears to have balanced jumpshots this year. Based on initial testing, the developers apparently balanced each jumpshot animation across the board to make each one desirable. Basically, there’s no good or bad jumpshot this year, so you can freely choose the right animation based mainly on your preferences. Take note that there’s no foolproof statistical findings for this yet, and we’ll make sure to update this article if reports show otherwise.

While there’s no advantageous jumpshot animations in NBA 2K19, it’s still important to find the right one that you’re most comfortable with so you can land more green release shots. Certain jumpers either have an earlier window of opportunity for the perfect shot release, while others will have your player jump longer in the air before throwing the ball. Having a quick release gives you a better opportunity to shoot without being contested, while slower ones make you much more vulnerable to be contested or blocked. Additionally, certain animations have a simple and smooth shot release, which makes it feel more natural to gauge the perfect timing by looking at your player character’s animation instead of watching the shot meter.

Jumpshots that have a quick and smooth release include Rudy Gay’s, Stephen Curry’s, and Paul George’s. You can also use the jumpshot creator to blend the animation and release speed of two different jumpshots to create your ideal custom jumper. Simply find the one that you’re most comfortable with and keep practicing until you get accustomed to the perfect timing.

Regardless of your perfect timing for jumpshot releases, being wide open for the shot will arguably help you land more baskets. You should also factor in your jumpshot rating before getting frustrated for not landing any hoops.

That does it for the best jumpshots for MyPlayer in NBA 2K19. For more guides and tips on NBA 2K19, make sure to check our ever-growing wiki.

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