Moonglow Bay: How to Beat the Lightning Fish

how to beat lightning fish

Sea creatures are a subject of myth and legend around the streets of Moonglow Bay, and you’ll typically encounter one at the climax of the game’s various story chapters. Here we’ll be explaining how to beat the Lightning Fish in Moonglow Bay.

How to Beat the Lightning Fish in Moonglow Bay

The Lightning Fish is found over at the Waking Storm area of the map, more or less due east of Moonglow Bay. You won’t be able to unlock this boss encounter until you have visited Abi’s Scraps and fitted the lightning conductor to the front of your boat.

Once you’ve done that, it’s on to the Waking Storm, an area of rough water that’s being stirred up by a particularly grumpy fish, and when you arrive it’s easy to see why — he has something stuck in his back that’s conducting electricity and riling him up. It’s down to you to fish the rod off its back and get him to calm down.

When you arrive at the location, the first thing you’ll be tasked with doing is righting all the beacons that have capsized. To do so, simply use your fishing rod to hook them and then give it a yank as you would to catch a fish.

Pulling the beacons into place essentially calms the creature down so that you can create a situation where it’s possible to remove the rod from its back, but the silly thing is intent on knocking them all back over and so during the rest of the battle you’ll have to divide time between trying to fish the rod and pulling the beacons back upright.

The trickiest part of the battle is actually fishing the rod out the Lightning Fish’s back. First, you have to time the Lightning Fish’s movements so that it comes parallel with the boat in order to actually get an angle to make a strike on the rod, then you have to pull it off its back without the line breaking.

Unfortunately, as is the case throughout the game, the game doesn’t give you a great deal of feedback or instruction on how the mechanic works, and so you’ll find yourself repeatedly snapping the line due to overloading the tension.

The objective is to fill the gauge that you should see building on the rod itself without the line color going red (which indicates it being close to breaking point). Once the gauge has filled right up to the top and goes a whitish color, it should come out.

The trick to achieving this without the line snapping is that you want to direct the rod into its movements to create slack. If the fish and lightning rod jerks to the left, direct your line to the left. Do not tug away from it. When the rod is either directly toward or away from you, it is safe to yank it with a strike and try to reel it in. You should notice that the gauge begins to fill quickly when you do this — use the rate at which it fills to guide you on whether you’re performing the action correctly.

Make no mistake, though, it’s a finicky mechanic that isn’t very intuitive and might take you a number of tries to get right.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Lightning Fish in Moonglow Bay. For more tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite.

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