Miles Morales: How to Get 100 Hit Combo

miles morales 100 hit combo

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is now available as an exclusive title on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. This means that there are also a bunch of trophies to uncover and collect so that players can raise their trophy level and show off to their online pals. If you need the 100x Combo!!! trophy, here’s how to get a 100 hit combo in Miles Morales.

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How to Get 100 Hit Combo in Miles Morales

To get this 100 hit combo in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, well, you just need to get 100 hits on enemies without getting hit or losing momentum. So for example, if you punch an enemy three times, your combo will go up to three, but if you fail to hit an enemy again in the next few seconds, the combo number will drop back down to zero.

There are several different methods for achieving this big combo, but we’re going to show you the way we thought felt the simplest.

Head on over to the Combat Challenge 2.0. in Midtown and make sure to set the game on any difficulty other than Friendly Neighborhood. The reason for this is that the enemies you face in this challenge will die too quickly, not allowing you to get those 100 hits in.

How to Get 100 Hit Combo in Miles Morales

Switching the difficulty in the settings to Friendly or Amazing will be your best bet. And once you’re in the challenge, just make sure to not get hit and to not stop attacking with square.

Of course, you can use other abilities but doing too much damage to the enemies can result in them dying too fast and you need to keep them alive as long as possible to get as many hits as you can.

How to Get 100 Hit Combo in Miles Morales

Also, just make sure to constantly dodge with the circle button if you see any gunfire coming towards you via Miles’ Spider-Senses. Having a Visor Mod called Perfect Sight equipped to you can definitely help you dodge most moves with ease.

How to Get 100 Hit Combo in Miles Morales

And there you go! That method should have hopefully helped you figure out how to get a 100 hit combo in Miles Morales so that you can get that pesky trophy and work your way to the platinum.

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