Is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

is microsoft flight simulator coming to Switch

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest version of the flight sim franchise from Microsoft, and it’s finally here for fans that have the right platform, of course. Currently, Microsoft Flight Simulator is only available on PC and Xbox One. If you’re wondering about whether Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Switch or not, we have that answer here for you.

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Is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Switch?

To give you all an answer for this one right off the bat, no, there’s no Switch release planned for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The title is published by Xbox Game Studios, which means that it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a port come to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Yes, other Microsoft exclusive titles have made their way to the Nintendo Switch before, such as Cuphead. Still, due to the high graphical fidelity of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a Switch port would likely not work out all that well

Also, the game is literally called Microsoft Flight Simulator, so it would be hard to imagine it on other platforms anyways.

If one day Microsoft does decide to release a port of the flight sim on the Nintendo Switch, we will all cheer with happiness and then after that we’ll be sure to update this article accordingly.

We know this isn’t the best news to hear, but hopefully, this guide answered your question on whether Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Switch or not.

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