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All Metal: Hellsinger Weapons, Ranked From Worst To Best

FPS/rhythm game hybrid Metal: Hellsinger features a small but powerful roster of weaponry. Here's every one ranked from worst to best.

Being a hectic hybrid of the first person shooter and rhythm genres, Metal: Hellsinger features an assortment of weapons as interesting to look at as they are useful. As with any FPS, however, some of these weapons are bound to be more useful than others. In the interest of helping you decide which ones you want to tackle demons with, this is a complete list of every weapon in Metal: Hellsinger ranked from worst to best.

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6. Paz

In true metal fashion, the first ranged weapon you gain access to in Metal: Hellsinger is a demonic skull that shoots fire from its eye sockets. Despite the through-the-roof cool factor, though, Paz is the least damaging weapon in the game, and even its ultimate ability (which crystallizes enemies in place) pales in comparison to every other tool in the game’s arsenal.

It’s important to note that you’ll still be switching to Paz plenty of times throughout your playthrough as it’s the only weapon that’s able to maintain your score multiplier without any enemies present, but this functionality isn’t enough to save it from the lowest spot on this list.

5. Persephone

Persephone is a pump-action shotgun that becomes available early in your playthrough. It’s a massive upgrade from the damage output of Paz, but still less than that of other weapons when you factor in its slow fire rate. Additionally, its status as a shotgun requires the player to be closer to enemies and thus closer to potential damage.

Its ultimate ability is a powerful blast wave that kills almost every enemy it touches in a single hit, but the amount of time it takes to be able to unleash this ability doesn’t make it as worth it in the long run—no matter how satisfying it is to hear the sound effect of pumping the gun in time perfect time with the music.

4. Terminus

Terminus is a sword that was crafted from the scythe of an archdevil and adorned with skulls. Being a melee weapon, it also suffers from the same drawbacks as Persephone, with the required proximity to enemies making it more difficult to avoid damage and keep your score multiplayer up. Terminus’ damage is high enough to make this shortcoming sting a bit less, but where it truly shines is in its ultimate ability.

Once activated, the regular stage song is actually replaced by a chugging guitar riff that allows the player to attack almost twice as fast with higher damage and increased range. When you combine this with the fact the ultimate is one of the quickest to earn and that it can be stored for later by switching weapons, Terminus has the potential to be a very powerful weapon indeed.

3. Hellcrow

Hellcrow easily features the highest skill ceiling out of all the weapons in Metal: Hellsinger. It holds the unique distinction of being the only ranged weapon (aside from Paz) that doesn’t require reloading. Instead, the player throws the each boomerang on time with the beat, but must wait for it to return to them before they’re able to throw the same one again.

This can create some odd gaps in timing where you perfectly click to the beat of the song, but aren’t able to throw a weapon. If you can pay attention to your surroundings while also keeping track of when Hellcrow returns to you, it adds another layer of complexity to the game that other weapons can’t provide. Moreover, its ultimate ability—which creates a vortex of damage around the player—allows you to continue throwing the Hellcrow on top of its extra damage.

2. Vulcan

At a glance, the Vulcan weapon might seem to be a simple heavy crossbow, but its role more closely resembles that of a rocket launcher in other first person shooters. The bolts it fires explode where they land, making it an absolute juggernaut when it comes to dealing damage to multiple enemies in an area. Vulcan also offers the unique utility of being able to launch the player up into the air when fired on beat at the ground below them.

The largest drawback to offset these benefits is the Vulcan’s low ammo capacity, requiring a reload after every two shots fired. Additionally, it has one of the weakest ultimate abilities in the game in that it takes a while to be able to use and deals no damage at all, instead gathering up enemies to concentrate your fire. Still, it’s hard to lament these negatives too much when you’re wiping out enemies in droves and leaping to safety when you get overwhelmed.

1. The Hounds

If there was ever a jack of all trades in Metal: Hellsinger’s weaponry, it would be the Hounds. These dual revolvers sport respectable damage, the highest fire rate in the game, a moderate reload time, and a generous crosshair for the sake of accuracy. Their in-game description warns that they’re “less effective at very long distances,” but none of the stages of the game are designed in a way that would make this a consistent issue.

When you combine the above qualities with an ultimate ability the creates a copy of the player that fires weaker shots for free extra damage, you get a weapon with strengths that far outweigh any weaknesses. The Hounds are a great option to use in almost every situation Metal: Hellsinger throws at you, whether it be a regular wave of enemies or a boss battle.

From skulls to revolvers, that’s every weapon in Metal: Hellsinger ranked from worst to best. If you’re looking for more information about Metal: Hellsinger, feel free to check out our full review of the game, learn more about its availability on Game Pass, or read about the game’s impressive lineup of featured musicians.

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