Madden 19: How to Kneel the Ball

How to Kneel the Ball in Madden 19

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Although Madden 19 brings lots of new tweaks and features, core strategy such as kneeling the ball to kill the clock is of course still a factor in the latest edition. Madden 19, as always, is played from the Quarterback perspective most of the time, and you play the role of QB and head coach. Clock management is a crucially important skill you’ll need to master in order to steal wins or hang onto to them at the end of games. Mismanaging the clock, such as not kneeling the ball when you should be, or not calling timeouts when you need to, can and will cost you games.

To kneel the ball in Madden 19, make sure that you’re in the clock management section of special teams. In those set of plays, you’ll see options such as spiking the football (to save time), fake spiking (to throw people off in situations where you would likely spike) and Kneel Ball. Obviously, if you’re here, what you’re interested in picking is kneeling the ball.

When you kneel the ball, you’ll lose a few yards and the clock will continue to run as if you were tackled in-bounds. The reason why anyone would want to do that is because it’s a safe way to kill time in Madden 19. You could just hand the ball off, possibly gain yards, and have the same effect of the clock continuing to run, however, you’re risking the potential for the RB to fumble the ball, or to get pushed out of bounds somehow while trying to dodge tackles. If victory is dependent on just wasting time, use the no-risk option of kneeling so you don’t make a mistake that opens the door for the opponent to come back.

That does it for how to kneel the ball in Madden 19. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.

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