Journey to the Savage Planet: How to Fast Travel

Journey to the Savage Planet fast travel

The world of Journey to the Savage Planet is a true joy to explore, but when it comes to backtracking, it can become a real chore. That’s where fast travel in Journey to the Savage Planet can become a real life-saver.

Problem is, Journey to the Savage Planet doesn’t signpost this system for you. Instead, like most things in the game, it expects you to uncover it for yourself, and only then can you use it. Well, here’s how to fast travel in Journey to the Savage Planet to speed up your exploring.

Fast Travel in Journey to the Savage Planet

To fast travel, you need to activate the alien teleporters dotted around the world. We’ve included a screenshot of what they look like below.

Journey to the Savage Planet fast travel

There are 20 of these alien teleporters in Journey to the Savage Planet, and you’ll need to activate each one before you can fast travel to and from it.

Once you’ve activated it, you can then fast travel to any other teleporter you’ve unlocked thus far and vice-versa.

To activate a teleporter, simply walk over to the circular orb in the center of the structure and press Square on PS4, X on Xbox One, or E on PC when prompted on-screen.

In most cases, this will be enough. However, if the orb is glowing red when you interact with it, you’ll need to beat a few waves of enemies. After about three rounds, the teleporter will return to normal and you can activate and interact with it as usual after that.

To fast travel, simply press Square/X/ E at any alien teleporter. This will bring up all teleports (and your Javelin) within that area of Journey to the Savage Planet’s world.

Journey to the Savage Planet fast travel

Use the analog stick to select where you want to go, or if you’ve unlocked more areas, use L1 and R1/ LB and RB/ your mouse, to select the different areas so you can access their alien teleporters/ fast travel points.

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