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Is Zorua in Pokemon Go? Answered

See through the illusion.

The Tricky Fox Pokemon has made quite a splash in the Pokemon universe, most recently as its awesome Hisuian form. You may be wondering if Zorua has come to Pokemon Go yet with most gen seven mons running around, so here’s everything you need to know on is Zorua in Pokemon Go.

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Can I Catch Zorua in Pokemon Go? Answered

Zorua registers to my Pokedex
Image Source: Niantic via Twinfinite

Yes, Zorua was added to Pokemon Go, but only for the Halloween Event that ended on Nov. 1, 2022. It should be noted that the shiny Zorua and the Hisuian variant also weren’t a part of the event, with the former not even being listed as a special Halloween Pokemon on the Go website.

While nothing is confirmed as of yet, rest assured with the knowledge that it’ll probably make an appearance at next year’s Halloween Event or in some other special event. Evolving Zorua into Zoroark takes only 50 Zorua Candy with no annoying evolution stone requirement.

How to Catch Zorua in Pokemon Go

So far, with the Halloween Event, Zorua only appears as your buddy Pokemon, even if you’re buddy is shiny, so it’s easy to spot. If you make it your buddy, then other versions of this Pokemon should appear as themselves in the overworld, defeating the illusion.

Once you catch your buddy, Zorua reveals itself the same way Ditto does. Unfortunately, since the Halloween Event is over, you’ll have to trade for one for the time being.

That’s everything we have on Zorua’s Pokemon Go debut. Check out some of our other content, like how to get Umbreon, where to find your friend code, and Unova stones demystified.

Image Source: Niantic and Nintendo

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