Is WoW Classic Down? How to Check WoW Classic Server Status

There might be a problem on the way to Azeroth.

Is WoW Classic Down? How to Check WoW Classic Server Status
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Though it feels like an older experience that might be a little less demanding in a programming sense, WoW Classic isn’t always perfectly stable. If you are having trouble playing the game, then it could be either a problem on your end or with the game itself, so here’s how to check if WoW Classic is down.

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Is WoW Classic Down?

At the moment, WoW Classic isn’t completely down. However, there might be some residual trouble with scheduled maintenance just ended at 11 AM ET on Dec. 5. Any current issues aren’t likely to last that long, but you might need to give the game some time to reset after being taken down by the developers.

If you continue to have these problems, you might need to restart your client or your computer just to be safe.

How to Check WoW Classic Server Status

If you are experiencing issues in WoW Classic, the best place to go would be the Realm Status page on the World of Warcraft website. This lets you drill down your selection to World of Warcraft Classic and Wrath of the Lich King Classic, as well as change your region.

If all you see are green checkmarks, it’s completely possible the problem is on your side, but just to be safe, check out the World of Warcraft Downdector page. There doesn’t appear to be one specifically for Classic, but it stands to reason that this would serve as a catchall, and any problem with one likely means problems with the other anyway.

The next best place to check would be the Blizzard Americas Customer Support Twitter account. It is great for getting updates on issues and planned maintenance information as relates to the most recent situation.

Hopefully, any issues will be resolved shortly, as the Season of Discovery content for WoW Classic is primed for exploration. We will continue to monitor the game and Twitter to let you know if things look like they might take a while to fix.

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